What do Jimmy Fallon, Wayne Gretzky, Michael Jordan and YOU have in Common?

It is GOLF!   You all love getting away from your normal routine and competing against yourself or others, in a beautiful and natural environment of a golf course. The media has caught celebrities playing since 1933 when Clark gable was spotted playing golf with wife Carole Lombard at various California golf courses. Lombard & Gable                   Gable & Lombard And, since 1960 when the Bob Hope Classic was founded, (now called the Humana Challenge) movie stars, singers, politicians and non-golf sports celebrities have played golf to relax, to challenge themselves and to donate to worthy charities. I love one of Jimmy Fallon’s quotes in his June 2014 interview with Golf Digest Magazine where he says “We want to see people we love react to doing not so well when they are out of their element.” Michael Phelps recently sais “It’s the most humbling sport I’ve ever played in my whole life.” Michael Phelps               However, Wayne Gretzky has indicated that he loves that it’s a great family sport.  He and his wife and kids spend time together and enjoy being competitive with each other on the golf course. Gretszky Golf           Wayne Gretzky   My New Years wish is that you and your family and friends hit the links more than ever in 2015 and create long lasting memories! Sources : Golf Digest   pga.com  Craig Bestrom  Sam Weinman Pictures : flickr  Marco Pakoeningrat  Ken Lund  Steve Garfield  

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