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For golfers who are tight in the upper body - try "disassociation" drills.

For golfers who are tight in the upper body – try “disassociation” drills.


Today you will see a golf fitness workout circuit that will help you improve your swing sequence and also increase your swing speed with some fun dissociation drills.

This golf workout is great for golfers and really good for your fitness too.

Dissociation or upper/lower body dissociation or separation is really important in the golf swing to kind of minimizing unwanted swing characteristics and optimize swing efficiency and driving distance and accuracy.

So, separation’s basically upper body and then lower body separation. Both really important for improving your golf swing and we’re going to give you drills to do both of those.

First up, a great, cool one.

We’re going to do a plank with an upper-body dissociation.

So normally you have a plank and we’re going to keep our hips facing the ground and just turn to our side. I’m pressing the stomach. Give that a go, 30 to 60 seconds.

Another great fun exercise…

American football drill.

Get into an American football wide stance, quick feet, keeping the shoulders facing forward. You’re going to twitch, turn the hips. Go as quick as you can. Gets me warm, too.

Next up is mountain climbers.

You’re really looking to drive the knees to the opposite elbow. So I’ll show you from here. Really getting that hip turning. Upper body’s locked in place. Other side. Quick cool work out, that one too.

For golfers who are tight in the upper body – try “disassociation” drills.

Banded Step And Rotations

Next one, we ideally need a golf band.

For this you don’t need a band at all but it adds resistance and makes the golf exercises more challenging. Put the band around your ankles, around your knees.

We’re just going to take little steps in golf posture, hands across the chest, and turn in both directions. You can do this whilst moving to the left and right too. I also think of it as like a space invader drill. Turn, back the other way. Now you’re good for dissociation, got your glutes too.

Next one, I’m going to use a golf band again.

Again, you don’t have to. It’s not needed. I should show you a slightly harder version, so what we’re going to do is we’re going to keep a nice sort of base, hips facing forward, and we’re going to turn around, bounce the tennis ball and back the other way.

Look and bounce it right behind you, as quick as you can, from one side to the other. Turn the upper torso and keep the hips facing forward.

Here is the video for the golf fitness workout to improve your golf swing and increase distances.

Source: Alex Fortey

Video: Matt Scott – Golf Fitness Specialist.

Thanks for watching – For golfers who are tight in the upper body – try “disassociation” drills.

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