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Tiger "Over-Engineered" says Ryder Cup Captain Paul Azinger!

Tiger “Over-Engineered” says Ryder Cup Captain Paul Azinger!

Tiger “Over-Engineered” says Ryder Cup Captain Paul Azinger!

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We now have a new word in our golfing vocabulary – “Over-engineered.” 

Nick Masuda had an open discussion with the outspoken Paul Azinger.

Here are Nicks’ comments.

Paul Azinger isn’t one to mince words, and the 12-time PGA Tour winner has some pointed words about the state of Tiger Woods’ game.

Just 24 hours removed from Woods’ career-worst 11-over 82 at the Waste Management Phoenix Open, Azinger says that Woods’ woes with his short game should be a quick fix.

Tiger "Over-Engineered" says Ryder Cup Captain Paul Azinger!

Tigers’ chipping woes continue.

“He seems to me like he has been over-engineered a bit. He’s gone from artist to engineer and he’s taken the feel out of his game,” Azinger said in an ESPN interview. “We are talking about the most physically smart athlete (and) golfer that has ever lived, for sure.

“These chipping and pitching problems can be fixed in minutes. Not days, not hours, not weeks, but minutes. Somebody like Tiger Woods should be able to fix all his issues in literally minutes.”

Azinger believes that Woods’ explanation of rust and the need for tournament reps is a sign that he might not know what is going on with his game.

“He is as confused as he has ever been in his career,” Azinger said. “Byron Nelson used to say that there are two kinds of players that need to know a little and those that need to know it all. Tiger is in a mode that he thinks he has to know it all. Technically and physically i think he felt like he peaked, (and) he needed more information to get better

“(But) in this quest to get better, he’s actually got worse. And now he’s confused.”

Azinger also made the observation that Woods is more friendly with his competition nowadays, seen this week walking the fairways at TPC Scottsdale with playing competitors Jordan Spieth and Patrick Reed. Azinger pointed to a shift in Woods’ personality after his off-the-course incidents in 2008.

“Tiger used to be uncomfortable if you were comfortable with him. Now he’s uncomfortable if you aren’t comfortable with him,” Azinger explained.

“That’s a big difference from a guy that used to show up on Sunday with black pants and shirt the color of blood. He wanted to intimidate guys like Patrick Reed, not bond with him. There’s a major shift in his personality. At age 39, I wonder if Tiger has that same work ethic and commitment to success.

“Tiger was the kind of a guy that once he got you down, he’d step on your back.”

And Azinger did point to Woods’ back issues and the injury-plagued years since Woods’ last major victory in 2008.

“At this point in his career its not really what he has accomplished, it’s what he can overcome. And he’s got a lot to overcome physically and mentally,” Azinger said.

“I don’t know that he will mentally accept that. Desire is the big issue here, we don’t know where he is at in his head. Obviously not working nearly as hard as he did in his prime.”

Source : Nick Masuda   GolfWeek

Pictures : Ed Balaun   Rick Burtzel

Thanks for reading – Tiger “Over-Engineered” says Ryder Cup Captain Paul Azinger!

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