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Tim Finchem responds to the PGA Tour Caddies Lawsuit.

Tim Finchem responds to the PGA Tour Caddies Lawsuit.

Tim Finchem responds to the PGA Tour Caddies Lawsuit.

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I recently posted that the PGA Tour Caddies had hired themselves a lawyer and were suing the PGA Tour for $50,000,000.00 for lack of compensation while wearing advertising on their bibs etc., 

We were waiting for Commissioner Tim Finchem to respond, and here Alex Miceli from gives us that response.

Tim Finchem responds to the PGA Tour Caddies Lawsuit.

Tim Finchem recently responded to the lawsuit filed by the PGA Tour Caddies.

In response to a federal lawsuit filed a day earlier by caddies against the PGA Tour, commissioner Tim Finchem said Wednesday that any dispute should be between the bagmen and their players – the actual employers – and not the Tour.

In a wide-ranging discussion with the media before the Farmers Insurance Open here, Finchem discussed many topics regarding the Tour. The federal lawsuit, filed Tuesday in California by 82 caddies seeking compensation for wearing sponsor-logoed bibs at tournaments, looms as the most immediate.

“The historical process is the player handles that (caddie compensation), and they are employees of the player,” Finchem said.

“We think that’s been a good system. The extent to which this lawsuit challenges that system, for whatever reasons they have in the lawsuit from a legal standpoint, it is what it is, but we would like to continue that system and let it go on. We just have to see what happens with this litigation.”

The PGA Tour provides a $2,000 health-insurance stipend for the caddies. Asked whether the Tour would be willing to expand that program, Finchem was unwilling to commit to an increase.

“Over the last 15 years, we and our tournaments have taken a number of steps to make the experience for a caddie as good as possible. That includes support onsite, how they’re handled, from a parking standpoint, food,” Finchem said. “The extent to which the Tour does better financially for the players, that impacts the ability of the player to do better for the caddie financially.”

Source:   Alex Miceli

Pictures: Keith Allison

Thanks for reading – Tim Finchem responds to the PGA Tour Caddies Lawsuit.

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