A Beautiful Swing in Slow Motion. What can we learn from this?

In 2011 Luke Donald attained the #1 position in the World.  He did this with magnificent putting, something he has been the best at for the last 8 years.  However, you don’t get to the #1 spot just on putting alone.  You have to hit the ball on the green in order to putt for those birdies.  Here is Luke’s swing in slow motion.  It is a beautiful thing to behold. Quite a few people on youtube.com mention that they think the clubface is closed half way back.  This is not true.  If you pause the swing in this position you will see that the clubface is perfectly square to his spine angle.  This indicates that there has been no manipulation of the hands in order to get the toe pointing up, a position taught by many instructors. In Luke’s case, he simply starts the club back with his chest, and rotates, allowing the club to stay on plane and get the club to the top also in a square position. But the thing most amateurs can learn from this swing is to watch the downswing!  There is no attempt to start the downswing with the hands.  His weight shift and body rotation is caused by pulling down with his left side, and the club will then automatically stay beautifully on plane again on the downswing.     Source : youtube.com  Mel Sole  grexagolf.com Pictures : Keith Allison

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