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Do You Pay Your Spouse for Sex - Apparently John Daly did!

Do You Pay Your Spouse for Sex – Apparently John Daly did!

Do You Pay Your Spouse for Sex – Apparently John Daly did!

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Apparently, Pro Golfer John Daly was charged a hefty sum when his fourth wife, Sherrie Miller, sued him for having sex with Anna Cladakishad while still married.

The latest story on this man, known more for his “colorful” personal life than his golf accomplishments.  Features ex-wife Sherrie Miller, suing Daly’s current fiancée.  Miller claims that relations between Daly and Anna Cladakis began in Mississippi in 2007.  The trysts led to the breakup of the Daly/Miller marriage.

After his impressive wins at the 1991 PGA Championship and the 1995 British Open, I felt supportive of this diamond-in-the-rough.  Daly demonstrated incredible talent and also a generous heart, if not a dedication to his craft.  

Do You Pay Your Spouse for Sex - Apparantly John Daly did!

However, the mounting years of alcohol-related downfalls.  The number of marriages, gambling issues, and quitting before he finished tournaments left me cold.  I’m afraid this latest John Daly story just serves to further his life as a farce instead of a life of a champion.

Do You Pay Your Spouse for Sex - Apparantly John Daly did!

John has been known to quit in the middle of a Tournament. Much to the disgust of the Sponsors.

Steve DelVecchio, writing for Larry Brown Sports and tells the entire gruesome tale.

 John Daly’s ex-wife, Sherrie Miller, is suing the PGA golfer’s current fiancee.

Need we say more? We will anyway, because the details are incredibly entertaining. Miller filed a lawsuit against Anna Cladakis in 2011.  Alleging that Cladakis broke up the marriage between Miller and Daly. She is seeking unspecified damages. Here’s more from The Associated Press:

Miller sued Cladakis and two purported employers in 2011 in DeSoto County.  Where Miller alleges Daly and Cladakis began their sexual trysts. Miller says the trysts began in 2007 while she was separated from Daly.

A DeSoto County judge threw out the lawsuit in 2012.  Arguing he had no authority to hear the case because neither Miller, Cladakis nor the employers were located in Mississippi. According to court records, Cladakis lived in Florida.

Mississippi is one of six states where “alienation of affection” is grounds for a lawsuit.

“Since the sexual activities between Cladakis and Daly allegedly occurred in the state, witnesses and evidence may be found there.  We do not find it improper to bring her back into Mississippi to defend the alienation-of-affection case that arose out of those alleged activities.” Judge Donna Barnes said.

The last thing we want to see is evidence of Daly — Mr. Bad Santa himself — having sexual relations with someone.

Daly previously said that Miller tried to charge him a large sum of money each time they had sex when they were married. Please let that claim make its way into the courtroom.

Source:    Larry Brown Sports       Steve Del Vecchio

Pictures: Keith Allison   Secret in the Dirt

Thanks for reading – Do You Pay Your Spouse for Sex – Apparently John Daly did!

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