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Regrip your clubs with ease using Air - This is really Cool!

Regrip your clubs with ease using Air – This is really Cool!

Regrip your clubs with ease using Air – This is really Cool!

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Playing golf with grips in good condition is important for your golf swing.

Worn grips become slick and require more significant than normal grip pressure to hold adequately. In turn, this can add tension throughout your golf swing, causing all sorts of problems.

Regrip your clubs with Air - This is really Cool!

Fresh Golf grips not only on your clubs but on your putters, too, will give them a brand new feel!


The average golfer should regrip their golf clubs at least once per year. Aside from the grips’ cost, most golf shops will charge around $3 per club in labor cost. With 14 clubs in the bag, that cost can quickly add up over time. However, regripping can be done relatively quickly at home with the right tools and equipment. The traditional method utilized nasty solvents that can be quite messy and cause pangs of guilt to the average tree hugger. An alternative approach uses compressed air.  Well, here, Grouchy Golf Blog tells you how to do it the easy way!  As someone who has installed many grips in my day, I have never seen this most comfortable and least messy way.  So go out and buy some new grips, a small compressor, and regrip your clubs!

Source: Grouchy Golf Blog

Pictures: Dan Perry

Thanks for watching – Regrip your clubs with ease using Air – This is really Cool!

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