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Top 10 Golf Apps for 2015 - Every golfer should have #10.

Top 10 Golf Apps for 2015 – Every golfer should have #10.

Top 10 Golf Apps for 2015 – Every golfer should have #10.
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Most mobile devices today can hook you up to a vast number of apps.  We know that a huge number of golfers love high-tech toys. They want to be connected quickly to weather, GPS, swing analysis, and much more.  See what Tommy Priest predicts will be the Top 10 Golf Apps this year, as seen at
Top 10 Golf Apps for 2015 - Every golfer should have #10.

There are several excellent swing analysis apps.


 The power of mobile devices is such that nowadays, you can use your device for almost anything. Golfers have found that their device, whether that be a phone or tablet, can be used alongside apps for a vast number of reasons.

So with that in mind, let’s take a look at what we think will be amongst the best ten golf-related apps of 2015.


Top 10 Golf Apps for 2015 - Every golfer should have #10.


1. King of the Course (by Electronic Arts – free with in App purchases)

The sequel to the Tiger Woods style games. EA Sports have streamlined the new golf game to provide a more arcade style of gaming for the user. Still endorsed by the top players and featuring top courses, all beautifully rendered on screen, this is as good a ‘realistic’ golf game as you can play yet it is also quick to play and just as engrossing as the games that preceded it.


2. Golfshot GPS by Shotzoom Software (free version, or Golfshot Classic for $29.99)

If you are looking for a high quality free GPS golf app then Golfshot by Shotzoom is arguably the best there is out there. The Classic version features several upgrades and is priced at $29.99, which may be beneficial for golfers who are more into their GPS toys, but for the majority of players the free version works perfectly well.


3. Score Keeper – Stableford (by Midship Designs – Free – Upgrade available in app)

If you are looking for an easily customizable scorecard app for your phone to record your scores as you play then this is arguably one of the best and easiest to use. Free to download and you can even set up the scorecard to record your Stableford score if you are playing using that scoring method.  A pro upgrade is available as an in app purchase which allows you to calculate your EGA handicap and much more.


4. Flick Golf HD (by Full Fat $0.99 or there is a non HD free version)

One of the most important aspects of any popular game is ease of use. The success of Flappy Bird proved that and when it comes to golf, Flick Golf is a great option. No complex timing or hitting bars to take a shot, simply flick the ball with your finger across the screen. A highly regarded app and well worth the low price to purchase the full version.

5. Golf Coach & Swing Analysis (by Ubersense Inc – Free)

A fantastic free app that allows you to record yourself taking a golf swing from different angles and to then analyse how you swing the golf club compared to other players. You can compare yourself to top professionals, receive tips from professionals via specially made videos and even upload your swing to the Ubersense forum for other keen golfers to comment and advise you on.

To see the rest of this Top 10 line-up, go here!

Source: Tommy Priest

Pictures:  John Fischer  Yas Sakata

Thanks for reading – Top 10 Golf Apps for 2015 – Every golfer should have #10.

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