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Jason Dufner Lean and Mean - You better believe it!

Jason Dufner Lean and Mean – You better believe it!

Jason Dufner Lean and Mean – You better believe it!

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Even Duf’s hair is skinnier! Seriously though, I applaud Jason Dufner’s 20-pound weight loss and his new dietary changes.

A few years ago, a rather pudgy Dufner impressed everyone with his winning golf skills and very laid-back demeanor. But recently, his health suffered from inflammation in his body, partly caused by excess weight. His shoulder, arm, and neck pain led to a win-less season in 2013-14 and little play.

Duff now adheres to a gluten-free diet, avoids fast food, and mostly “eats clean.” Some players, like former PGA Star David Duvall, struggled in golf after their physiques changed. But Dufner’s golf is looking very good recently, and he says he feels better. Eat right and feel good, golfers!

Here is the ‘skinny’ on Jason’s newfound body brought to you by

Jason Dufner Lean and Mean - You better believe it!

Jason-Dufner-the new skinny version!

 Jason Dufner has given up many of his favorite foods in an effort to improve his health, but he doesn’t view his new diet as a sacrifice.

“I didn’t really have a choice,” he said Wednesday. “If I didn’t do it, I wasn’t going to be able to play golf. So it was pretty simple for me.”
The Humana Challenge is Dufner’s first start in the United States since he withdrew from his title defense at the PGA Championship. It’s appropriate that Dufner is making his 2015 debut at an event that emphasizes health and wellness. He lost 20 pounds in the offseason thanks to drastic dietary changes.

Dufner is one of 14 top-50 players in the field, six of whom are in the world ranking’s top 25.

Patrick Reed won last year’s event after opening with three consecutive 63s to set the TOUR’s record for low 54-hole score with relation to par. The defending champ is coming off a victory two weeks ago at the Hyundai Tournament of Champions.
Dufner last played here in 2012, finishing 12th. He has started the past two seasons at the Hyundai Tournament of Champions, though, after winning twice in 2012 and the 2013 PGA Championship. He was winless during an injury-marred 2013-14 season, though.
“I haven’t felt good for two or three years, to be honest with you,” Dufner said. “It kind of came to a head last year. I couldn’t play. I missed the Playoffs, missed the defense of my PGA Championship, more than likely missed playing in the Ryder Cup because of it.”
He withdrew after playing 10 holes of his PGA defense and vowed not to return to golf until he was healthy. He made his next start 11 weeks later in Australia.
A new, gluten-free diet has helped him feel better. He said his new diet is aimed at removing inflammation from his body, which was a reason for much of his excess weight. He’s not exactly sure what caused the pain he dealt with for much of last season, but he believes inflamed and tight muscles were compressing on nerves, causing pain in his left shoulder and a “dead arm.”
Dufner’s good friend, Keegan Bradley, said the weight loss will be good for Dufner’s game. He also used discussion about Dufner’s weight as an opportunity to rib his pal.

“In 2011 and 2012, … Jason was playing well. And was a lot skinnier,” Bradley said. “He needed to lose the weight.

After eating completely “clean” for 11 weeks – “That sucked,” he said – Dufner allows himself the occasional indulgence. He had an In-N-Out burger when he arrived in California. He said it will likely be the only one he eats this year.
Fast food has been the hardest thing for him to stay away from, especially with a TOUR pro’s itinerant lifestyle. “I also really like chocolate and peanut butter, for whatever reason,” he said. “I do not eat that very often anymore.”
He was in bed with headaches for the first five days of his diet as his body struggled to adjust. His golf game has felt great, though.
Some players have struggled after their physique has changed. Dufner said that’s not the case. The early returns have been promising. He did play in four overseas starts since the PGA.  Finishing no worse than 26th.
He was 10th at the World Golf Championships-HSBC Champions.
Jason Dufner Lean and Mean – You better believe it!

The new physique means that the paunch made famous by “Dufnering” is slowly going away. He’s OK with that.

“I’m trying to stay away from that stuff,” he said. “I need to be more focused on what I’m doing on the course and what I need to do to be successful.”

Good on him I say – he looks much healthier, and if it helps him focus more and prevents even a little fatigue that’ll be a massive help.

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Pictures: Keith Allison  Secret in the Dirt

Thanks for reading – Jason Dufner Lean and Mean – You better believe it!

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