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Jordan Spieth's future - It's so bright he has to wear shades!

Jordan Spieth’s future – It’s so bright he has to wear shades!

Jordan Spieth’s future – It’s so bright he has to wear shades!

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Jordan Spieth is one of the new breeds of exciting young golfers who have ascended rapidly on the PGA Tour. 

He literally came out of nowhere in 2013 to win the John Deere Classic and has won several times and been in contention ever since.  Earned a spot on the Ryder Cup and will likely be a pick for the President’s Cup as well.  And added the PGA Tour Rookie of the Year Award to finish a spectacular season.

Jordan recently sat down with Rick Limpert of the Atlanta Gadgets Examiner to talk about his future in golf and his endorsement deal with Under Armour.

Jordan Spieth's future - It's so bright he has to wear shades!

He’s the ranked No. 9 in the Official World Golf Rankings, he’s a winner on the PGA Tour and is thought to be one of the young stars in the sport of golf. He is tied for 10th heading into the the final round of the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro Am this weekend.

Jordan Spieth is 21, and the face of what Under Armour is doing in the sport of golf.

Jordan Spieth’s future – It’s so bright he has to wear shades!

Last month, he extended his agreement with Under Armour to be outfitted head-to-toe Under Armour apparel, footwear, and different accessories during competition.

Per Under Armour:

Spieth will be included in international marketing, digital, print and social media campaigns for the brand and has also been deeply involved in the development and wear-test of the first Under Armour golf shoe, which will debut in Spring, 2015.

“Jordan is an incredible talent and has already accomplished so much in his short career,” said Ryan Kuehl, Senior Category Director, Global Golf and Tennis, Under Armour. “We are proud to have him lead the Under Armour golf team and help him sustain championship results over the next decade. This long-term commitment to each other emphasizes Under Armour’s continuing drive for dominance in the golf category and to provide all golfers with the most innovative performance gear from head-to-toe.”

I was able to talk with Spieth at the 2015 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando the day his contract extension with Under Armour was made public.

He was gracious, he was insightful and happy to talk about his golf game and of course, Under Armour.

Are you ready for 2015?

I had a great ending to 2014; went into the off season on a positive note and couldn’t be more excited for 2015. Hopefully it brings bigger things.

With the contract extension, it looks like big things are coming with Under Armour.

I’ve been extremely happy to be a part of Under Armour, since day one. They were the company that took a chance on me when I first turned professional. In 2012, I was 19-years old coming out of school; they were the first brand we aligned with, and I’m extremely happy to make this deal, and hopefully (for) the rest of my career. These are big moves for the loyalty we both (have for) each other. They had to trust me with their brand, on and off the course, and now after the whirlwind of the last two years, it’s great to be able to stick to those that were first. Also those that are the most innovative in golf.

But trust is a two-way street.

I felt it was a lot easier for me to trust them, than them trust me, looking back on it.

I really like the underdog aspect (of Under Armour). They are more (popular) now and it’s almost insulting to call them an underdog. At the same time, it’s their grit when you are at their headquarter,s talking with anyone involved. They have that hardworking blue collar nature that I have while working on my game.

I did visit with other companies and Under Armour stood out.

As for your input on what you wear and use.

I have the ability with one phone call change everything. I haven’t had to do it because we’ve been involved together. They have been involved about six months ahead of time showing me what I will be wearing, from a belt or the way a hat fits. It’s such a huge company and it’s humbling being a part of that team. Great people more than anything.

Your take on the fitness band trend, and do you use one?

I use the Under Armour 39 Module and Chest Strap. It’s the band you wear (around your chest and side) when you work out. I can push myself to see how hard I am actually working my body. I don’t do the steps, as that would kind of scare me during the season to see how many steps I’m taking. We walk so much. I don’t want to know.

I am interested in that type of technology. The fitness side of things is growing significantly in golf. Tiger shaped that part of golf. It’s very important, as most every golfer wears something to tell them what they are doing.

On your and Under Armour’s expectations.

Jordan Spieth’s future – It’s so bright he has to wear shades!

I set my own expectations. Under Armour sets expectations. They say, we expect you to do great things. That is what this deals says. I accomplished the goals we set last year. We will set the bar a little higher this year. I’m going to have keep my foot down. If there is anything to chase, it’s going to help me.

Source:   Rick Limpert

Pictures: Eric Charlton

Thanks for reading – Jordan Spieth’s future – It’s so bright he has to wear shades!

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