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The 3 Golf Training Aids That Get Rid of Bad Swings!

The 3 Golf Training Aids That Get Rid of Bad Swings!

The 3 Golf Training Aids That Get Rid of Bad Swings!

Golf Chats is a website to encourage discussions on various subjects relating to the game of golf. I am Mel Sole, Director of Instruction of the Mel Sole Golf School and SAPGA Master Professional.  I invite you to enter into a discussion on this or any article on the website.  The input is for the entire subscriber base to learn something new each time!  Please post your comments below.  Keep it clean and tasteful.  We are here to learn from one another!

My definition of golf practice is “Focused Repetition with Feedback.”

Golf practice is really enhanced with training aids as they provide that essential feedback that lets you know if your mechanics are off.

There are literally hundreds of golf teaching aids on the market, all designed to help the golfer achieve the golf swing’s correct positions. (Anyone who’s seen the movie Tin Cup will understand what length golfers will go to help their golf swing!) Here are three golf aids that I highly recommend and use at the Mel Sole Golf School with my students.

1.TacTic Arm Aid.

As the collapsing left arm (or right arm, if you’re left-handed) is one of the most common faults, this teaching aid is beneficial. The TacTic Arm Aid has a hard plastic spin running down its length. If the arm bends, it gives a loud clicking sound letting the golfer know when and where the arm is collapsing. This helps to ensure that the left arm stays straight from the backswing to follow-through and ensures solid contact with the ball.



The Plane-EZ is for those golfers who have either a “flying right elbow” or have a problem “coming over the top.” This golf aid helps you get into a “tray” position (think of a waiter holding a tray) and keep your elbows closer together, preventing that problematic flying right elbow.


3.Swing Gyde.

Do you slice? Hit the ball too high? Check out the Swing Gyde. It gets a lot of use at our golf school. The Swing Gyde helps you keep your swing on plane. This golf aid will give you immediate feedback to help you improve for those of you who lay off the club on the backswing. The Swing Gyde fixes a myriad of bad swing problems, such as slicing, hitting the ball too high, hitting weak shots, and pulling shots, and helps you obtain the correct follow-through position as well.


Source: Mel Sole Golf Schools

Pictures: Mel Sole Golf Schools

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