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Michelle Wie’s Secret to Winning – Are you listening Tiger?

Michelle Wie’s Secret to Winning – Are you listening Tiger?

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High hopes and disappointments have been heaped on Michelle Wie since she was a teenage golf phenom.

She suffered through alienation by other Pros for playing in men’s events, there were high caddy turnovers, rules infractions, injuries, serious playing slumps and more.

Michelle Wie's Secret to Winning - Are you listening Tiger?

Michelle Wie has always stuck with her coach David Leadbetter through thick and thin!

But one constant in life is always been her coach, David Leadbetter. Wie has worked hard with him, and only him, since her career began. She started winning in 2009 and hasn’t looked back.

   When golfers change coaches, as Tiger Woods and others have, multiple times, they can become confused on many levels. One can even suffer injuries, with the different demands on the body by each new teacher.
   If they have a great coach and have won together, they should stay with that coach and persevere through slumps.  There are no magic bullets…….only hard work with proven teachers.
Wie is all grown up now and won 2 events in 2014, including the U.S. Women’s Open. She has contended well in the early 2015 season, and I predict more wins for her this year. She now has close friends on both the LPGA and PGA Tours and  says, “I feel fortunate!”
Pictures: Keith Allison
Thanks for reading – Michelle Wie’s Secret to Winning – Are you listening, Tiger?

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