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Do not like dragging your clubs through the airport?

Do not like dragging your clubs through the airport?

Do not like dragging your clubs through the airport?

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Golf is unique for many reasons.

One of these is that no other sport spurs its’ players to travel, more than golf.

A huge percentage of my golf school visitors make the trip to Myrtle Beach, SC, by air flights. Many are Americans and Canadians, but we also host golfers from Europe, South America, and Asia.

Because of the hassle of dragging your clubs through airports, a few of my students ship them in advance to our golf facility by FedEx. I have just learned of an alternative, reputable service called ‘Luggage Forward,’ which gets your golf clubs to your destination, making even convoluted travel plans simple.

Luggage Forward delivers them, on time, anywhere in the world that you require. This top-notch service also removes the worry about the clubs fitting into compact rental cars, taxis, or small hotel rooms. And it ensures that you play the courses with your own clubs, rather than a second-hand rental set. Rates are apparently less than other shippers, also.

Thanks to Joel Zuckerman of The Golf Vagabond for this interesting story.


Don't like dragging your clubs through the airport?

It is no fun dragging one of these through a busy airport!

Here’s a scenario that doesn’t come about every day, but perhaps you can imagine something similar:

Heading from out-of-the-way Savannah, Georgia to out-of-the-way Lake Como, Italy, to play half-a-dozen of the lakeside gems upon arrival.

However, several days of sightseeing in Rome and Venice precede the aforementioned golf dates, not to mention smallish urban hotel rooms, packed trains, and compact taxis. Lugging the sticks from place to place is an inconceivable option.

What’s a Vagabond Golfer to do? It’s simple – use a top-notch service such as Luggage Forward to quickly, easily, and reliably get your sticks (or skis, bicycle, scuba gear, etc.) from where you are to where you’re headed.

In my case, the clubs were waiting for me at our rented lakeside cottage in a tiny Italian burgh, this after flying to Atlanta, then Rome, then by train to Milan, then by rental car (again, too small to accommodate the rolling coffin that is my travel bag) all the way to sparkling Lake Como.

Luggage Forward makes even the most convoluted travel itinerary that much easier to deal with, particularly if you want your own bag of “weapons” to do battle with the courses you encounter. Or you can take your chances with a dusty, decades-old rental set, if they have them, and get gouged on the rental fee to boot.

The choice is yours, but it doesn’t sound like much of a choice at all from where I’m sitting.

Visit for more information.

Source: The Vagabond Golfer

Pictures: Dan Perry    bhenak

Thanks for reading – Do not like dragging your clubs through the airport?

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