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Roger Fredericks Two Easy Exercises for C-Curve Posture.

Roger Fredericks Two Easy Exercises for C-Curve Posture.

Roger Fredericks Two Easy Exercises for C-Curve Posture.

Golf Chats is a website to encourage discussions on various subjects relating to the game of golf. I am Mel Sole, Director of Instruction of the Mel Sole Golf School and SAPGA Master Professional.  I invite you to enter into a discussion on this or any article on the website.  The input is for the entire subscriber base to learn something new each time!  Please post your comments below.  Keep it clean and tasteful.  We are here to learn from one another!

Posture is a key element of the golf swing. 

Because you rotate around your spine, a straight back in the address position is very important.  If your posture is poor and your back is rounded at the address position, you are doomed before starting your backswing!

Roger Fredericks Two Easy Exercises for C-Curve Posture.

Fortunately, we have Roger Fredericks, golf flexibility expert, to show us the correct way to improve our posture, not only for our all-important golf swing but also for a pain-free back in our everyday lives! Click on the link below for Roger’s expert advice.

In my experience, I’ve come to believe that over 80% of generic back problems are due to tight and imbalanced hip muscles. When the muscles around the pelvic girdle tighten and shorten, the hip girdle changes it’s tilt, the spine changes it’s curve, and the entire body begins to compensate, causing friction on the spine – and other joints. In time, the friction of the joints cause deterioration …then pain.

When the muscles around the pelvis are compromised, we’ll see either a). Forward Tilt, b). Under Tilt, or c). Rotated or Elevated – so that one side of the hip is either forward or higher than the other. In either case, when the muscles around the pelvis remain imbalanced, there’s usually discomfort.

This week, I’m giving you two simple exercises that will help people with C Curve Posture or Under position.

This posture type is common among our elderly and in regards to golf, is nearly always a sign of instability in the lower body. Just like a boat that isn’t anchored will usually drift away, when the lower body doesn’t stabilize in the golf swing, the upper body and arms will tend to flail around.

TOWEL SEQUENCE 1 & 2 by Roger Fredericks

I encourage you to determine what posture type you are, then select the Posture DVD that fits your Posture Type and get on the full program.


Pictures : Roger Fredericks       Mel Sole

Thanks for reading – Roger Fredericks Two Easy Exercises for C-Curve Posture.

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