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Secrets to Flying First Class For Less Than Coach!

Secrets to Flying First Class For Less Than Coach!

Secrets to Flying First Class For Less Than Coach!

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If you are a golfer and love to travel, you should subscribe to Craig Better’s Golf Vacation Insider

It is always interesting and always packed with money saving ideas, places to play, and in this case, how to save money when you are flying. Find out the secrets to flying First Class for less than Coach!

Secrets to Flying First Class For Less Than Coach
By Craig Better

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If you truly enjoy flying in the cattle car coach, stop reading right now. Today’s tip is for people who want to upgrade to first class for less (or only a fraction more) than what it costs to fly coach. Yes, you need to use clever, insider “tricks,” “loopholes,” and the right rewards program (see below). And everybody asks me: How do you keep up with it all?

The answer is, I don’t.

I simply rely on someone who does.

My Secret? I know Matthew Bennett.

Matthew is the First Class Flyer publisher, a newsletter that exposes and exploits these loopholes in airfares and frequent flyer programs to get readers into the first-class cabin — either for free or at massive discounts.

You may know Matthew, too, but probably as “Mr. Upgrade” from his many TV and newspaper interviews.

Photo of Matthew Bennett, aka, Mr. Upgrade

I first met him several years ago and have been subscribing to his monthly newsletter ever since (it’s now in its 18th year of publication).

The Billy Beane of Air Travel…

Matthew actually began his professional career as a pitcher in the Kansas City Royals farm system. After realizing the big leagues weren’t in his future, he got into coaching — not baseball, but travel, which he did a ton of — and became an expert on — while playing.

Little did Matthew know one day he would become “the Billy Beane of Air Travel.”

Specifically, Matthew helps people like you and me win the air travel game by finding airfare anomalies and loopholes in the frequent flyer, hotel, and credit card programs to get us deeply discounted or free upgrades to first and business class.

For example, in his current, March 2015 issue, he reveals…

The Travel Credit Card You *Should* be Using.

Have you ever wondered if your credit card is working as hard (or as smart) for you as it should be toward travel rewards?

I don’t even want to know how many hours it took Matthew to put this together, but…

His March issue includes a total, deep-dive analysis of major credit card travel programs…and the one you should be using based on your spending and travel habits.

He even includes a handy “Play Your Cards Right” calculator so you can plug in your numbers and instantly see the results!

The $11 First-Class Upgrade Trick.

In the March 2015 issue, he reveals how you can fly first class on a popular route for just $11 more than flying coach.

He includes dozens of similar examples of this, too, but I’m not allowed to share them here.

However, I can tell you how to get a free copy of First Class Flyer’s March issue, where you’ll learn about everything (see below).

Enable images to see what First Class Flyer looks like

One of the Greatest Free Trials I’ve Ever Seen.

You’ve probably been offered your share of free trials to newsletters and other services — I certainly have. So, I’m pretty confident in saying that First Class Flyer’s free trial program is among the most valuable I’ve ever encountered. Here’s the deal:

The free trial to First Class Flyer includes the current issue (a nice start)…

…12 back issues (getting better)…

…and 11 essential reports aimed at helping turn you into a travel-savings savant.

(Now we’re talkin’!)

Among the titles and topics covered in these reports are:

• Fly Business Class for Less than Coach

Again, you’ll get these reports free just by trying First Class Flyer, and I know they contain secrets that could get you into a first-class seat on your very next flight.

And just in case that isn’t enough to entice you to give First Class Flyer a try, here are some other things you’ll learn in the March 2015 issue alone…

The only thing I don’t know is how long Matthew will keep this free trial offer going (not to mention the 11 reports that go with it).

So, if you want to learn today’s secret and other money-saving tips on getting out of the cattle car, I encourage you to try First Class Flyer for free now.

p.s. Matthew is a stand-up guy. His trial is truly free — there is no purchase obligation, and he doesn’t pressure you to subscribe. When you offer advice this good, you don’t have to.

p.p.s. The other hidden benefit of getting into the first class cabin is avoiding extra fees, especially when traveling with additional luggage like golf clubs.


Source: Craig Better

Pictures: Tim RT

Thanks for reading – Secrets to Flying First Class For Less Than Coach!

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