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Roger Fredericks Two Easy Exercises for C-Curve Posture.

Stretching for Golf – The Real Secret!

Stretching for Golf – The Real Secret!

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When it comes to stretching for golf, Roger Fredericks is one of the world’s leading people. 

He has collaborated with the top sportsman and women to truly understand the human form and how to get the most out of your daily stretching routine.  I read every article that Roger ever writes, and here he explains why some stretches don’t work.  When I saw his headline, I knew I had to share because this statement has plagued me for years.  Finally, I now understand why my stretching routines were futile and not getting the results I was looking for.  Roger explains “chains,” and if you want to improve your stretching, you had better know what they mean!

Why Stretching a muscle…….Doesn’t always stretch the muscle.

By Roger Fredericks

“Hey Roger, I don’t get it? I’ve been stretching my hamstrings for years, and they‘re still tight. Even when I was a kid, I couldn’t touch my toes and I still can’t!”

If I had $10 for every time I’ve heard that, or something similar, I’d be in a considerably higher tax bracket!

The truth is that many people think that by stretching a particular muscle is going to get that muscle flexible – especially the hamstrings. However, that usually isn’t the case. Remember, that muscles work in ‘Chains’ ( much like tile on a roof) and they all run and work together. Therefore, when one aspect of the chain is tight, other muscles in that chain are apt to be tight as well.

For example, whenever I see a tight upper back and shoulder (which is becoming epidemic in our culture), I’ll see a tight calf just about every time. When I see this condition, I’ll usually go to work on their calves and work up the chain and finally get to their upper back. My Clients are always amazed at how their shoulders are feeling better when I often times don’t even touch them!

Regarding golf, many people struggle with straightening of their legs in their golf swings, and upon recognizing that they’re hamstrings are tight, will begin feverishly stretching their hamstrings – and as I mentioned – usually don’t get acceptable results. The reality is that the hamstrings work closely with the Inner thigh muscles – Outer thighs, Quadriceps- Hip flexors and Glutes – and ‘Especially’ The Pelvic Flexors and Extensors. All of the programs in my book ‘The Flexible Golf Swing’ and my DVD ‘Secrets of Golf Swing Flexibility’ are arranged so that you’ll be working ALL of the muscles in their respective chains.


Source: Roger Fredericks

Pictures: Roger Fredericks

Thanks for reading – Stretching for Golf – The Real Secret!

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