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Lexi Thompson Topless on Golf Digest – Inspirational or Questionable?

Lexi Thompson Topless on Golf Digest – Inspirational or Questionable?

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LPGA star Lexi Thompson is on the cover of the May ’15 issue of Golf Digest magazine.

This 20-year-old powerhouse wears yoga pants, a golf glove, and a towel that mostly (hmmm) covers her chest.

The May publication is called the Fitness & Power Issue. The majority of LPGA and PGA Tour players work hard to be incredibly fit to perform at their peak on those highly competitive golf tours. Recently, the same magazine featured Rory McIlroy topless on its cover, wearing nothing but a kilt. It’s a creative and eye-catching photo that backs up an article about his impressive fitness routines.

The May cover, featuring Lexi Thompson, is creating quite a stir. Some are saying “Bravo,” and some are saying “sexist and demeaning to women’s golf.” I am in the camp that applauds Lexi’s own tweet, which was “So pumped to represent fitness and power.” Women get precious little coverage in leading golf publications, and if a controversial picture puts them front and center, I’m for it.

Lexi Thompson Topless on Golf Digest – Inspirational or Questionable?

The LPGA Tour players are phenomenal, and their overall skills beat some of the male tour competitors.

But they make far less money than the PGA Tour players, and they have to fight for sponsors and galleries. Things have improved lately, where GOLF Magazine featured number one LPGA player Stacy Lewis on a cover, and Golf Digest had Michelle Wie grace a recent cover.

As Golf Digest’s editor-in-chief, Jerry Tarde, says, “You can have stunning beauty and the highest level of golf performance at the same time.” By the way, at only 20 years of age, Lexi Thompson has 4 LPGA wins under her belt plus one European Tour win. You go, girl!

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Thanks to Bernie Augustine for this New York Daily News story.

Lexi Thompson Topless on Golf Digest - Inspirational or Questionable?

 One week before the Masters tees off from Augusta National, Golf Digest’s latest issue has a topless 20-year-old on its cover.

That’s one way to sell magazines.

Lexi Thompson appears on the cover of the May “Fitness and Power” issue wearing little more than a blue golf glove and black yoga pants. She’s covered on top with a towel that’s wrapped around her neck.

The publication — which has taken heat for the way it has portrayed women on its cover — was ready for the backlash after the cover went public Thursday, with the mag’s editor-in-chief Jerry Tarde writing, essentially, “Sorry, not sorry.”

“We’ve come a long way from a year ago when the LPGA condemned our choice of Paulina Gretzky (and Holly Sonders in 2013) as the cover images for Golf Digest’s annual fitness issue. Mea culpa, ladies. You can have stunning beauty and the highest level of golf performance at the same time, as demonstrated this year by Lexi, Stacy Lewis, Cheyenne Woods and Michelle Wie,” Tarde wrote.

“LPGA players not only outdrive the average guy by 20-plus yards, but they do it with the same clubhead speed we have.

We can learn more from them not because they swing like us, but because we should swing like them. They don’t just muscle the ball and make up for swing flaws with strength.”

Tarde pointed out that the magazine featured Rory McIlroy topless in a statue of David-like pose wearing nothing but a kilt, something he said wasn’t “a trend — just a sign of the fitness ot today’s top players.”

It only appears to be a trend for the women to get on the cover, critics pointed out Thursday. While Thompson is topless, the women who appeared on the cover before her — Wie, Gretzky and Sonders — each also showed some skin on the cover. While the men, outside of McIlroy, rarely show more than their forearms.

Thompson seems pleased with the cover, tweeting it out with the #GirlPower hashtag.

Source: New York Daily News      Bernie Augustine   Golf Digest

Pictures : Walter Iooss Jr    Larry Neuberger

Thanks for watching – Lexi Thompson Topless on Golf Digest – Inspirational or Questionable?

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