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5 Power Tips for Solid Ball Striking and Extra Distance.

5 Power Tips for Solid Ball Striking and Extra Distance.

5 Power Tips for Solid Ball Striking and Extra Distance.

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Every golfer wants to hit it further than they currently do. 

I’m sure even the World Long Drive Champion, Jeff Flagg, wants to hit it further than the 365 yards (into a strong headwind) he did to win the World Championship in Vegas in November 2014.  I have done several tips on my own website to help golfers hit it longer. Here Jason Day, ranked 5th in driving distance on the PGA Tour with an average of 308.1 yards, tells us via how to get that final, elusive 15 yards!

My swing can top 120 mph. While you probably can’t reach that number, you can always grab a bit more speed. Sure, simply swinging harder is one way to go, but I think the secret to longer, straighter shots is swinging smarter. Here are five small improvements, each of which will add 1 mph of clubhead speed. That’s 5 mph faster! The result? You’ll get the extra distance of your dreams.

1. Tee the Ball in the Center of the Clubface

5 Power Tips for Solid Ball Striking and Extra Distance - I Love #3

It’s a no-brainer, but even I can misalign the club at address, soling my driver with the ball off either the toe or the heel. If you don’t play the ball off the exact center, you make it more difficult to hit the sweet spot at impact. And that’ll cost you. Missing either a quarter inch toward the toe or the heel is the same as swinging 1 mph slower through impact, even if the strike is made on the center groove. My coach, Colin Swatton, is constantly checking to make sure I’m lining up with the ball in the center of the clubface, and with the equator of the ball even with the top of the clubhead. It’s hard to see for yourself, so ask a friend to help. Don’t lose yards by overlooking a small detail that’s easy to get right.

2. Stop the Sway

5 Power Tips for Solid Ball Striking and Extra Distance - I Love #3

Like all Tour pros, I constantly try to improve my swing. One of the biggest mistakes I’ve eliminated from my motion is swaying off the ball in my back-swing, especially when hitting driver. When you sway, you create a “reverse C” at the top, with your lower body angled to the right of the ball and your upper body bent significantly toward the target. This creates a lot of inconsistency at impact and takes away leverage.

The way I fixed it was to set an alignment rod against my right hip. The rod reminded me to turn instead of sway, and also to get behind the ball without a ton of lateral lower-body movement. Replacing the “reverse C” with more of an “I” shape lets you fire your body to the left through impact with ease, fueling better contact, speed and power. Stability is the first key every weekend player should work on if they want to hit it longer.

To see the other 3 great tips by Jason Day on gaining distance, click here.

Source: Jason Day

Pictures:   Keith Allison

Thanks for reading – 5 Power Tips for Solid Ball Striking and Extra Distance.

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