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7 Freak Golf Accidents - #3 is Terrible!

7 Freak Golf Accidents – #3 is Terrible!

7 Freak Golf Accidents – #3 is Terrible!

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If you have ever been hit by a golf ball, you know it is not a pleasant experience! 

If you have hit someone with a club or ball, it is just as bad.  I was playing at Observatory Golf Club, just outside Johannesburg, South Africa.  One of my playing partners was in my way, so I asked him to stand behind a tree.  Just as I hit my shot, his head popped out from behind the tree to look if I had played my shot.  The ball hit him squarely in the temple.  We rushed him to the hospital, where he had an operation for a compound fracture of the skull.  Fortunately, the story has a happy ending as he recovered fully!

Swing by Swing Golf gives us 7 freak golf accidents we would not wish on our worst enemies!

SO YOU think golf is a harmless game played by old guys? If you have ever been hit by a golf club or a golf ball, you will know that it hurts.

Sometimes the mishaps can be funny, and sometimes the consequences can be very serious indeed….

1) EYE Wish That Didn’t Happen

7 Freak Golf Accidents - #3 is Terrible!

Golfer Glyn Teare, after a freak accident, loses his eye!

AN ENGLISH golfer lost his left eye after his ball rebounded and hit him in the face during a game with friends. Glyn Teare, 24, was  driven to hospital and had 30 stitches in his left eyeball, but was told days later that it would have to be Taken out.

He said that he was “in shock, rather than in pain”  at Seaham Golf Club in County Durham.

Glyn, an HGV technician, said: “I was on the fifth tee and drove off, but the ball came straight back at my eye. The first responder came and by the time we got off the course the ambulance was there and took me to the Eye Infirmary. They did an emergency operation but when I went back the next week they took it out as it couldn’t be saved. I was a bit down about it, that I wasn’t going to be able to see out of that eye again, but really, you’ve just got to get on with it.”

To see the other 6 freakish golf accidents, click here

Source: Golf Swing by Swing

Pictures: North News and Pictures      Dion Hinchcliffe

Thanks for reading – 7 Freak Golf Accidents – #3 is Terrible!

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