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7 Ways to being a Better Putter - #4 is a Gem!

7 Ways to being a Better Putter – #4 is a Gem!

7 Ways to being a Better Putter – #4 is a Gem!

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We all want to putt better, that’s for sure.  

To putt better, we need to improve our green reading.  Dave DeNunzio, the contributing writer for, has put together a list of 7 great putting tips by 7 of the top putting instructors around. (I wonder why he didn’t pick me?)  After checking out these tips, I can guarantee that you will putt better in your next round. (But you must practice first!)

7 Ways to being a Better Putter - #4 is a Gem!

Adam Scott is one of the first to use “Express” green reading by AimPoint Technologies. Has his green-reading improved?

You read almost every putt, but if you’re like most players, your routine is guesswork disguised as green-reading. That won’t get you close to the hole, let alone “in.” You’re not the only one reading, and weeping, on the greens.

A new Golf Magazine study shows that America is massively misjudging the slope under its collective FootJoys, under-reading putts by a whopping 65 percent, on average. As a new season beckons, now’s the time to raise your reading level—and save a fistful of strokes. PGA Tour star Adam Scott has cracked the code, becoming the world’s best green-reader, so start by trying the 11-time Tour winner’s groundbreaking method.

Beyond Scott, we have six more easy-to-learn techniques from golf’s keenest putting minds. You’ll soon detect the subtlest bumps, bends and breaks, learning to read the trickiest greens as if they have subtitles.

7 Ways to being a Better Putter – #4 is a Gem!

FIRST THINGS FIRST: We Seriously Under-Read Our Putts!

Sixty-five percent of golfers under-read the break on a typical putt, according to a Golf Magazine–sponsored study conducted at the Pinehurst Golf Academy. All of these flawed reads add up to lots of lost strokes, even with perfect putting technique. In our study, we assessed the green-reading skill of 72 golfers just like you. Initially, our research team simply sought to determine the ideal position from which to accurately detect slope (behind the hole, behind the ball, etc.), but results showed view position to be meaningless to good green-reading. Our study subjects misread everything, no matter where they stood or crouched. Some 25 years ago, Dave Pelz told everyday players to triple the amount of break they saw, and that’s as true now as it was then.

Here’s how to see the correct line every single time!

To see all 7 Tips on Improving your putting, Click Here.

Source: GOLF      Dave DeNunzio

Pictures: rioncm    Oliver Gunning

Thanks for reading – 7 Ways to being a Better Putter – #4 is a Gem!

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