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A New Revolution in Golf Balls – The Calloway Chrome Soft!

A New Revolution in Golf Balls – The Calloway Chrome Soft!

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I recently went out to give a playing lesson with one of my tour players who plays on the Canadian Tour. 

In checking my golf bag, I saw that I was low on golf balls.  Not having the time to get to the store to get a new box, I went to my wife’s bag and took a sleeve of balls from her bag.  Only once I had got to the tee did I notice that they were Lady Precepts made by Bridgestone.  As this was a playing lesson about my student and not about me, I decided just to play with them. 

WOW – what an eye-opener.  I hit this ball about 20 yards further than I hit my regular ball.  This continued throughout the round.  So when I saw this video with Phil Mickelson talks about the new softball from Calloway called the Chrome Soft, I thought that this would be worth a try for those of you looking for some extra yardage. 

I know, I know, Phil gets paid to promote Callaway.  But, I think any of the “soft” brands are worth looking into.  Test them out to see if they work for your game.

Source: Stadium Golf Center

Thanks for watching – A New Revolution in Golf Balls – The Calloway Chrome Soft!

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