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Recapture Your Driving Distance and Lose the Pain

Recapture Your Driving Distance and Lose the Pain

Recapture Your Driving Distance and Lose the Pain

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For over 20 years, Katherine Roberts has been a nationally acclaimed golf fitness expert.

Her ‘Yoga for Golfers’ program is hosted by the Golf Channel, and her 9 DVD’s are tailored to your individual level of yoga experience from rank beginner to advanced. You will love your body’s improved mobility and stability, even after viewing the Par Level 1 video.

Senior PGA Tour Player Gary McCord and several other top tour players credit Roberts with keeping them fit and competing at a high level. McCord says, “Following her yoga program for golfers is keeping me fit and feeling like Gumby. Loosen up and give it a try!”

I can assure you from personal experience that the hamstring stretching, etc., that I have recently practiced with my local yoga instructor has erased my back pain and increased my distance with all my full shots. So if you want to increase your flexibility and lose the pain, this is for you!

Read about Katherine Roberts and the ways she can help you to enjoy your golf.

Recapture Your Driving Distance and Lose the Pain

Katherine Roberts

Founder and President, Yoga for Golfers®
Nike Swoosh Elite Athlete and Advisory Staff Member
Certified, NG360 – Nike’s Golf Conditioning Program
Gray Institute Fellow, Applied Functional Science and Chain-Reaction Biomechanics

For more than a decade, Katherine has been a leader and an innovator in the world of golf fitness. Her unique and highly effective approach to golf conditioning is a fusion of Western bio-mechanical science and Eastern mind/body conditioning that increases performance for serious sports athletes and golf enthusiasts of all levels.

Katherine’s work has been profiled by USA TODAY, The NY and LA Times, The National Post, Golf Magazine, Golfweek, US Airways Magazine, and Asian Golf Monthly. As a Golf Magazine Fitness Panel expert and a regular contributor to The Golf Channel, she has appeared on The Turn, The Big Break, Your Game Night, How Low Can You Go, and Game ON! Her golf fitness series, Swing Fault Solutions, continues to air in The Golf Channel’s international markets. She is the producer of nine DVDs and author of the ground-breaking book Yoga for Golfers (McGraw-Hill). Her second book, Swing Flaws and Fitness Fixes, was in partnership with Top-100 Golf Instructor, Hank Haney.

To read the full story and get the DVDs, click here.


Picture: Jasmine Kaloudis

Thanks for reading – Recapture Your Driving Distance and Lose the Pain

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Jasmine Kaloudis

Jasmine Kaloudis

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