The golf industry’s existing organizations have failed to grow the game!

They are too big, too slow and far too political to do you any good in these times of rapid change. It’s time for a new approach. An approach where we as golf business owners and managers, professionals re-write the negative narrative that has been golf’s lot in the mainstream media for the last seven years.

It’s time to take control of our own dynasty!

The solution is remarkably simple and it’s the basis of all great marketing since time began.

Change the story, and you change the results!

Story is at the heart of all great brands, companies and organizations but for the last seven years the only story seen about golf was a negative one, of golf in decline.

The existing industry organizations did NOTHING to counter this story. Most simply stuck their heads in the sand and hope it all went away. What efforts there where, consisted mainly of short-term programs, feel good efforts for the press and hype!

There has not been a grass roots effort to help the golf industry help themselves!

Until now, enter The Golf Operator Association a new lean, focused and passionate advocate for the game. Their GROW THE GAME program is real, it’s been tested and it works, just cut and paste their proven content into your marketing machine and you are on your way to more players!

Can the solution really be as easy as that, after all the major associations have failed?

Well let me give you a simple yet time tested analogy of this theory.

How do you get billion or more Christians, Muslims or Hindus to go to worship in a hall and then donate vast sums of money to their particular brand of religion?


First you tell them some powerful stories. Stories that connect with them emotionally, in a personal way and then you promise them a great benefit!

Forget who is right or wrong or your personal religious belief….

It’s the oldest marketing technique in the world, and it works!

What golf needs is to turn its’ congregation of 25 million players (in the USA alone and I am talking worldwide) into a massive team of evangelists for the game! Imagine hundreds perhaps thousands of people helping you promote your club or range or golf school through their friends, colleges and social networks?

Sound far-fetched?

Simple memes like this with a positive pro-golf message, many are not aware of, placed on social media spread like wide fire in the wind!

It is not, in fact in today’s social media frenzy all you need to do is give them the tools and they will do the rest for you! It’s actually never been easier if you have the right content, messages and story!

The Golf Operators Association has put together an astonishing collection of promotional material in its’ marketing tool kit that includes:

  • 72 Professionally written articles on the amazing benefits of golf!
  • 52 Memes (pictures with a caption) for social media use.
  • Dozens of addition social media images with a positive message
  • Ads, flyers and email templates that celebrate the game

The articles in Word format cover a wealth of emotional stories and benefits that can be quickly and easily customized for each facilities needs by simply adding a website link and phone number along with a call yo action. This include:

  • Why kids, women and seniors should play.
  • How golf promotes longevity, physical and mental health.
  • Why golf increases your salary and prospects for career success, especially if you are a woman.
  • The articles talk about the travel, friendships and social connections found through golf.
  • They drill down and discuss nature, feelings and even the smells that make golf special.
  • And many more topics …

Have you ever seen a golf club advertising this beneficial FACT because I haven’t!

Want different results in growing the game – Try a different story!

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Source: LinkedIn  Andrew Wood

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Thanks for reading – Want different results in growing the game – Try a different story!

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