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7 Serious Confidence Boosting Tips For Your Golf!

7 Serious Confidence Boosting Tips For Your Golf!

7 Serious Confidence Boosting Tips For Your Golf!

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David MacKenzie is one of the top Sports Performance Coaches in the world.  

He has worked with both Professionals and amateurs alike and is certainly one of my favorites. His insight into the mental game will definitely help you improve your golf.  Check out these great tips!

7 Confidence Boosting Tips For Your Golf!

The real Secret of Outstanding Performance! See the shot before you play it!

1. Become your inner caddy.

If you get into the habit of beating yourself up after bad shots, you’ll start to subconsciously fear your own criticism and increase your anxiety levels over the ball. Have a mechanism that gets you back to neutral quickly after a poor shot. This could be a phrase, a deep breath, or a set number of steps after the shot. Imagine what a good caddie would say to a player to pick him or her up – something like “forget about it.” Whatever it is, the key is to re-frame quickly after, so you don’t let it set in and affect your mood ahead of the next shot.

2. Find your optimal level of arousal.

You’re much more likely to shoot your best score in the competition. The reason is that to play your best, you need to arouse yourself to a certain level, which increases your power of concentration and competitiveness. Remember this next time you feel nervous – they are actually positive. But you need to be able to get fired up without crossing the line to anger, frustration, or even choking. Sam Snead used to play his best golf when he was in a mental state he called “cool mad.”

3. Don’t Give Yourself Technical Feedback on the Golf Course.

Giving yourself technical feedback diminishes your confidence because you are essentially admitting to yourself that you doubt your golf swing. As Bob Rotella says, “If you are trying to tell your body how to swing, you are telling yourself you don’t know how to swing.” Thinking about technique means your focus is “internal,” not “external’ which is where it needs to be. The more internal your focus, the less fluid and smooth the action is. Think about throwing a basketball or a dart. Would your focus be on your body or the target? Even though you can’t see the golf target, you need to make it as similar as you can to other target sports. You can do this by holding onto the target’s image and the path the ball will take (even when you’re over the ball) and let your body react to that imagery.

4. Visualize success.

Visualization is a key factor in hitting good golf shots. Jack Nicklaus said: “I feel that hitting specific shots — playing the ball to a certain place in a certain way — is 50 percent mental picture, 40 percent setup, and 10 percent swing.”

The more you can build a vivid mental image of the shot you want to hit (trajectory, shape, and what it will do when it lands), the better the chance of your body moving in a way that will produce that desired result. Have you ever hit an amazing miracle shot out of the trees? It’s most likely because the situation forced you to have an apparent image of the shot.

Make sure this visualization is a key part of your routine for every shot.

To see the other 3 tips on boosting your confidence, plus a bonus tip, click here.

Source: Golf State of Mind   David MacKenzie

Pictures: Barbara  BK

Thanks for reading – 7 Serious Confidence Boosting Tips For Your Golf!

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