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Tom Watson shows the correct way to grip the golf club!

Tom Watson shows the correct way to grip the golf club!

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One of the steadiest players ever and certainly one with a long career is Tom Watson.  

One of the reasons for his longevity in the game of golf is that he has never changed anything in his swing since his dad and coach Stan Thurst first put a club in his hand when he was 6 years old! (are you listening, Tiger?)  Tom has had a long and brilliant career.  I (and millions of others) were so disappointed when he missed a short putt on the 18th hole of the Open Championship in 2009 to win, just short of his 60th birthday, and then lost in a playoff to Stuart Cink.

But the big secret to Tom’s consistency is his fundamentally sound grip.  Check out Tom’s words of wisdom put down by Nick Seitz of Golf Digest.

A good swing starts with a good grip. A bad swing starts with a bad grip. Because most amateurs fail to put their hands on the club properly, they’ll never be able to play as well as they should.

I use the Vardon overlapping grip. I feel it unifies the hands and promotes better wrist hinging. My left hand goes on first, and I turn it to see two knuckles (right). My left thumb rests just right of center on the shaft.

Tom Watson shows the correct way to grip the golf club!

I like those molded practice grips for learning how to hold the club.

The grooves will put your hands in the correct positions. Even though it makes the clubhead feel too light, I suggest you get one and hit balls with it to improve your grip.

The mistake I see most is a grip that’s too weak. People put their thumbs straight down the shaft, and the result is usually an open clubface at impact–and a shot that peels off to the right.

A grip that’s too strong, where you see too many knuckles, will likely cause the clubface to be closed at impact. It’s a power grip, especially if you’re a slicer. Still, I’d rather see your grip too strong than too weak.

To see the video on Tom Watson’s explanation of how to grip the club correctly, click on the link.

Source: Tom Watson   Golf Digest   Nick Seitz

Pictures: Golf Digest    Dom Furore  Mel Sole

Thanks for reading – Tom Watson shows the correct way to grip the golf club!

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