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Where did these Forgotten Players Go – and Why?

Where did these Forgotten Players Go – and Why?

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I’ll often be either reading a magazine, watching TV, or doing some on-line research for my posts, and I’ll see a name and say, “Wow, where did that player go?”

Among them, Woody Austin, Hal Sutton, and Robert Gamez.  Forgotten Players who had a chance to win every time they teed it up.  Well, here are another 5 that fall into that category brought to us by Ben Alberstadt via

Where did these Forgotten Players Go - and Why?

Trevor Immelman was once a force to be reckoned with!

It’s more than just the number. Over the past two decades on the PGA Tour, there have been many casualties. And while it’s dumb and insensitive to use the “battlefield strewn with corpses” motif, the fairways of the PGA Tour are figuratively littered with broken dreams and literally no longer walked by some once-promising players.

In some cases, names that were once at the top of leaderboards are now frequently hovering near the bottom. And a few of these golfers are notable for their Ian Baker-Finch-ian face plants, and they fill out our list.

A note: Not including Tiger Woods and John Daly, golfers who have had their own brands of steep decline, as they never really “fell off the map.” Interest in both has remained relatively constant.

With that said, here are the five who made the list.

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via: 5 Once Popular Golfers Who Fell off the Map

Source: Bleacher report   Ben Alberstadt

Pictures: Keith Allison

Thanks for reading – Where did these Forgotten Players Go – and Why?

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