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A Radical Solution for Slow Play - What would you do?

A Radical Solution for Slow Play – What would you do?

A Radical Solution for Slow Play – What would you do?

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How many people hate slow play? Put up your hand. OK, you can all put down your hands now. (everyone put up their hand).  

So tell me, if everybody hates slow play, why do we put up with it the weekend after the weekend?  Is some golf course owner gutsy enough to take on the ideas of Sam Adams?  Via, Sam has some interesting ideas on how to get courses to speed up play.  Leave your comments below and tell me what you think!

Based on the 1,467,285,471 articles and debates out there on social media and in magazine articles slow play is apparently perceived to be the biggest problems in the golf industry today.

Well I have news for you. I’ve been playing golf for 50+ years and it hasn’t changed, because no one has the cojones to really do anything about it.

Here are my two simple solutions.

Number one is what I call the “Designated Sniper Rule”. This is my most favorite and the most effective. You only have to implement it a few times before the word gets around. I have included a short video to illustrate it.

Now I realize that this option can get you into some trouble with law enforcement because they take a dim view of this sort of thing, but I think that good old southern term, “he needed killin’,” is all that should be required for a defense.

For those wimpy courses that are not ready to implement my option number one, I have a second option. It does, however, require course owners to actually grow a pair in order to implement it also

To see Sam Adams’ Second Solution, click here.

Source: Pro Golf Now  Sam Adams

Thanks for watching – A Radical Solution for Slow Play – What would you do?

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