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Cut the Carbs before the round and Make More Putts!

Cut the Carbs before the round and Make More Putts!

Cut the Carbs before the round and Make More Putts!

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What we eat before or during a round of golf can seriously affect our focus.

Refined flour products, some cereals, and any high-sugar drinks or snacks produce serotonin in our brains after a short while of ingesting them. Serotonin promotes lethargy and reduces our ability to focus.

Find out which quality protein foods you need to take in before a round. Instead of a ‘sugar crash’ your muscle memory and your focus will sharpen, and you’ll feel confident, make better decisions and make more putts!

Thanks to Ron Kaspriske for this health & fitness article for Golf Digest:

You’ve probably been told to ditch the pre-round bagel and orange juice and avoid a soda or sports drink at the turn. “They’re bad for you,” you’ve heard. But if you’ve ever wondered why eating simple carbs like refined flour products, cereals and high-sugar drinks and snacks hurt your golf game, it goes beyond the message of “empty calories.

“It’s what they do to your brain, says Matt Jones, a nutritionist who works with some European Tour golfers as well as many other professional athletes.To simplify the science behind how nutrition impacts athletic performance, focus on two well-known neurotransmitters—serotonin and dopamine, Jones says.

When you eat processed foods loaded with simple carbohydrates, the concentration of an amino acid called tryptophan increases in the bloodstream. When tryptophan passes the blood-brain barrier, it’s rapidly converted into serotonin.WhySimpleCarbskillinggolfgame.jpg

This is the part where you golf game goes in the tank. Serotonin has been proven to reduce alertness and muscle function, while promoting feelings of lethargy and relaxation, Jones says. In simpler terms, it produces a sugar crash.
To read the other reasons why simple cards are killing your game, click here.
Source : Golf Digest   Ron Kaspriske
Pictures: Golf Digest     Larry
Thanks for reading – Cut the Carbs before the round and Make More Putts!

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