How to Organize a Charity Golf Tournament. Tips for Success from the Pros.

Most of us have played in at least one tournament which raises funds for a worthy cause. In the last 3 years, I’ve seen a great increase in the number of charity tournaments. My golf school donates lessons to at least 25 of those events every year. In the rare instance that I’m not teaching on the tournament day, I will also play in it. The camaraderie of friends and other golfers make it a fun, feel-good experience. Recently, a relative of mine was charged with setting up a charity tournament, and she has learned a great deal about committees, volunteers, sponsors, and more. To learn all you can about raising the most funds possible, getting players and sponsorships on board, etc. fast-track to these 15 videos provided by Mike Becks at  
Cookouts are an intregel part of a successful charity golf event.

Cookouts are an integral part of a successful charity golf event.

Learn all about organizing a charity golf tournament in this free video series.

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Golf is a social sport. It brings people of all ages together to share in the same frustration: getting a little ball into a hole. Like most sports, golf is enhanced with companions. For instance, who will believe you made that birdie on the 4th hole if no one was there? Friends not only promote bragging rights, they also help you cope with your tipple boggy. For this reason (and many others), golf has evolved into one of the most popular games around. Golf has been played for centuries, and though there is the obvious appeal of competition, it is by no means the only reason to play the game. Today, charity golf tournaments are extremely popular and very successful. People love coming together to play the game especially if it is for a good cause.In this video series, learn about how to organize a charity golf tournament. Mike Becks offers great advice to plan your own charity event. He illustrates the importance of locations, committees, and volunteers. Mike also helps you realize how you can get sponsors for your charity golf tournament. With his tips, you can raise more money for your charity than you ever thought possible. So, before you start your next fund raising activity, watch these tips and learn how to organize a charity golf tournament today!
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  • How to Organize Volunteers for a Charity Golf Tournament

    Learn about organizing volunteers for a charity golf tournament, soliciting help, positions to fill, and how many volunteers you will need in this free video clip.Read More

  • How to Raise More Funds in a Charity Golf Tournament

    Learn about the value of a super ticket in organizing a charity golf tournament by simplifying the number of tickets required to participate in events in this free video clip. Read More

  • Award Ceremony Advice for Charity Golf Tournaments

    Learn what to do at an award ceremony in a charity golf tournament in this free expert video clip. Read More

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