Out of the trees the Ian Poulter way!

Ian Poulter was recently referred to as “one of the most overrated players on the PGA Tour.” But I can tell you this – he is one of the most entertaining! ¬†Always with an opinion, (sometimes controversial) especially on Twitter, he has done a masterful job of promoting his brand and turning it into a thriving business. ¬†In this “Oakley Armchair Series,” he brings you a tip for getting out of trouble!
Ian Poulter has a tip for you to get out of the trees, the risk taking / reward way. Take a club that you can hit low and accurately through the trees. Then, grip down the shaft a little bit and put the ball further back in your stance. Finally, drive the impact position holding your clubface square to the target.
Source : Oakley Armchair Sessions

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