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15 Golf Terms to impress your friends on the course!

15 Golf Terms to impress your friends on the course!

15 Golf Terms to impress your friends on the course!

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There are hundreds of golf terms in the game of golf, but these are some that are just plain weird.  

I think the term “Bag Rat” is a little insulting!  I know a “Range Rat” is someone who likes to practice and is always at the driving range, but does that mean a “bag rat” is someone who loves caddying and is always at the bag drop?  Check out some of these weird and wonderful golfing terms brought to us by Golf Swing by Swing.

We all use slang on the golf course. Many are familiar with the phrases pull and slice leading most people to say FORE! Some are more familiar with bogeys than birdie while the select few (or lucky) have shot an ACE!

But there are many other golf terms you may not be familiar with.

Here are a few terms that you can use to impress your friends next time you tee off:

Afraid of the dark:

What a putt is when it won’t go in the hole.

Bag Rat:



When you sink a putt, you canned it.


To miss the ball completely. The air moves, but nothing else does.

Golf Widow:

The wife of an obsessive golfer. She doesn’t know who Jack Nicklaus is, and she doesn’t care. Her husband will remember Jack’s birthday before he remembers hers.


A putt in the three-to-four foot range causes emotional and physical problems for the golfer. The term comes from the nervous trembling that accompanies these short putts.


A nasty is a junk bet you can cash in on if you hole a shot from off the putting surface and your score for that hole equals par or better.

Check out the other 8 golf terms here.


Pictures: Mr halfare

Thanks for reading – 15 Golf Terms to impress your friends on the course!

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