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Charge By The Hour For Golf - I'd like to see this happen!

Charge By The Hour For Golf – I’d like to see this happen!

Charge By The Hour For Golf – I’d like to see this happen!

Golf Chats is a website to encourage discussions on various subjects relating to the game of golf. I am Mel Sole, Director of Instruction of the Mel Sole Golf School and SAPGA Master Professional.  I invite you to enter into a discussion on this or any article on the website.  The input is for the entire subscriber base to learn something new each time!  Please post your comments below.  Keep it clean and tasteful.  We are here to learn from one another!

I am so tired of hearing some players say, “I’ll take all the time I want to golf. I’ve paid the full price, and I don’t wish to hurry.”

We each are entitled to enjoy the game at a pace that is not overly slow…. slow meaning a round that takes over 4 hours, 30 minutes, and sometimes up to 5 and 6 (ouch!) hours. I once played Pasatiempo in California.  It took us 6 hours to play.  I will never go back!

While some players are not ready to hit their shot, they play from tee boxes that are too long for them, they spend over 5 minutes looking for lost balls, and they take several practice swings…. the rest of us wait. And wait some more. Muscles start to cool down, limbs stiffen up, and patience grows thin.

Charge By The Hour For Golf - I'd like to see this happen!

This is the type of golfer you don’t want to have on the course!

Most of us like a moderately paced round where each player is always ready to hit his/her shot, and we aren’t meandering as a group to the other player’s balls.

We enjoy forward movement but still have time for a little friendly conversation. Upon approaching the green, we are already reading the line of our putts, and we putt without making others wait as we walk around the green, plumb bob, etc.

You know you are playing too slow when you reach a new hole, and the group of golfers ahead are leaving the green or are nowhere to be seen. If you won’t speed up and you won’t let the group behind you through, I would like to see a penalty fee assessed.

Upon checking in at the Pro Shop, everyone should be informed that the expected length of time for 18 holes is 4 hours and 15 minutes maximum.

Your receipt should include a policy of assessing 10% of the original green fees for every 15 minutes (or part thereof) you finish over that time! In other words, charge by the hour.  You are paying for 4.5 hours on the course.  If you dally longer, you have to pay more!  The first group to lag behind pays the penalty as long as the next groups play in a timely fashion.

There are plaques near the first holes of most courses in Scotland and Ireland that say, “Expected pace of play to be 3 hours 50 minutes. Please respect your fellow players.

I do not think golfers need to ‘hurry’ to play just over 4 hours. But, it will get them thinking about being prepared and being ready to play when it’s their shot, and overall, they should enjoy the game more.

Source: Mel Sole

Pictures: U.S. Army   Secret in the Dirt

Thanks for reading – Charge By The Hour For Golf – I’d like to see this happen!

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