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The Top 8 Rivalries on the PGA Tour - Guess Who?

The Top 8 Rivalries on the PGA Tour – Guess Who?

The Top 8 Rivalries on the PGA Tour – Guess Who?

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Rivalries have been around since Cain and Able.  The rivalry is what competition thrives on.  

The strongest survives!  The gladiators in the arena of sports.  Whether it be baseball, football, basketball, tennis, or chess, rivalries make us watch.  Who watched chess until Boris Spassky played Bobby Fisher?  What a great rivalry! What great trash talk!

Michael Fitzpatrick reporting for gives us his top 8 golf rivalries.  Who would yours be?  Comments below.

Everyone loves rivalries in sports.

They incite heavy interest and emotion amongst the fans.

They give the media and television networks appealing storylines to pursue from a promotional standpoint.

And whether the rivalries actually exist in the minds of the athletes or it is simply a matter of the participants knowing that a particular game or match is receiving more attention than usual, the on-field competition tends to reach a whole new level when rivals face off against one another.

Rivalries are easy to identify and become emotionally involved in when it comes to team sports.

North Carolina and Duke face off against one another at least twice per year on the hardwood.

The Top 8 Rivalries in Golf - Guess Who!

The Red Sox and Yankees play numerous games against one another during the course of the season.

The Top 8 Rivalries in Golf - Guess Who!

Ohio St. vs. Michigan is an event that rivals few others each and every autumn.

But what about golf?

There have obviously been a number of truly great players whose reign at the top happened to coincide with the careers of other great players.

But has rivalries in golf ever truly existed in professional golf?

The Top 8 Rivalries in Golf - Guess Who!

In the last decade, Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods have become fierce rivals!

The answer to that question may surprise you.

Let’s take a closer look at what many consider to be the greatest rivalries in the history of golf.

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Has a True Rivalry Ever Existed in Professional Golf?

Source:  Michael Fitzpatrick

Pictures: James DiBianco   Amy  Charlie Riedel/Associated Press

Thanks for reading – The Top 8 Rivalries on the PGA Tour – Guess Who?

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