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We need your help – Please vote for Clarkie Carroll!

We need your help – Please vote for Clarkie Carroll!

We need your help – Please vote for Clarkie Carroll!

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Transamerica, one of the world’s leading financial services companies, sponsors golf, and many other sports that enrich people’s lives.

At, you’ll see the latest stats on your favorite players, plus receive pro tips. If you join their Team Transamerica Club, you’ll be entered to win monthly prizes and giveaways.

Their latest contest, highlighted on the Golf Channel, featured a chance to play golf with Tom Watson and Zack Johnson. The contestants were required to send in their best golf trick-shot videos. Of course, you’ll see some great stuff from the Bryan Brothers, the San Diego State Women’s Golf Team, etc. I also loved other people’s shots using soccer balls, trash cans, etc. But there is one special contestant who I hope has received the most votes for best video. He is 12-year old Clarkie Carroll, a quiet, tough little kid who battled a rare form of bone cancer last year and has had one femur replaced with a titanium prosthesis.

Clarkie performed this trick shot at Pinehurst No. 7 Course just after completing 10 months of chemotherapy.

Thanks to Alex Podlogar, Media Relations Manager at Pinehurst Resort, for this great story:

Clarkie’s Story:…
At Pinehurst, we LOVE trick shots. But we may have found our new all-time favorite, sent to us by Clarkie Carroll, who pulled off this awesome trick after just finishing 10 months of chemotherapy.

Source: Pinehurst 1895

Thanks for watching – We need your help – Please vote for Clarkie Carroll!

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