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Davis Love's Top 7 Barbecue Joints - #5 is for me!

Davis Love’s Top 7 Barbecue Joints – #5 is for me!

Davis Love’s Top 7 Barbecue Joints – #5 is for me!
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Davis Love III is a connoisseur of barbecue.  

Traveling around America on the PGA Tour, Davis has sourced all the great joints throughout the country.  From St. Simons Island, GA to Rochester, NY, these are the best, according to Davis!  Here are his top 7 brought to us by Josh Sens of!
Davis Love's Top 7 Barbecue Joints - #5 is for me!
Photo: Courtesy of Southern Soul Barbeque

Davis Love III outside of Southern Soul Barbeque in St. Simons Island, Ga.

Low and slow. It works on backswings. And on briskets. So says barbecue aficionado and U.S. Ryder Cup captain Davis Love III, who takes time out at Tour stops to sniff out top smokehouses. Here are seven of his go-to spots for slow-cooked meat.

Billy’s Oak Acres BBQ, Fort Worth, Tex.

Davis Love's Top 7 Barbecue Joints - #5 is for me!

A tip from a member in the locker room of a Fort Worth country club led Love to this out-of-the-way find, in a wood-sided building with a dirt parking lot and spare ribs that are more than worth the drive. “You go to some places, and you can tell that the ribs have been sitting around and they’ve just warmed them up,” Love says. “But the ribs here are unbelievable. They take such pride in them, everyone they serve could be in a competition.”

Build up an appetite at Cowboys Golf Club, Grapevine (32 miles away)

Hard Eight BBQ, Stephenville, Tex.

Davis Love's Top 7 Barbecue Joints - #5 is for me!

A rodeo cowboy buddy alerted Love to this rustic redoubt, where hulking cuts of meat slow-cook in big open pits. “It’s one of those places where they chop up your meat and weigh it on a plate,” Love says. Which you then weigh down further with corn-on-the-cob, baked potatoes and other hearty sides.

Build up an appetite at SugarTree Golf & Country Club, Lipan (46 miles)

Rendezvous, Memphis, Tenn.

Davis Love's Top 7 Barbecue Joints - #5 is for me!

A place so famous, you wonder if it could really live up to its billing. It does, Love says. “It’s just classic. It’s in a basement, down an alley, and you go in there, and you’re lucky you get Percy, an old waiter who’s been there forever.” You also get the lamb ribs. “They’re pretty much perfection,” Love says. “Best I’ve ever had.”

Build up an appetite at Mirimichi, Millington (18 miles)

Check out the rest of Davis’s Top Barbecue Joints here.

Source: Josh SensGOLF

Pictures: Southern Soul  Billy’s Oak Acres BBQHard Eight BBQRendezvousHome Team BBQ

Thanks for reading – Davis Love’s Top 7 Barbecue Joints – #5 is for me!

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