The word ‘GOLF’ conjures up all sorts of emotions in different people, from love, hate, confusion to thoughts like ‘what me play that stupid game’ and a whole lot of other things I may not write about without being censured for being politically incorrect.

But what is this sports ‘thing’ called golf? The nice way of putting it is to hit a little white, or a host of ‘new’ coloured balls around a park like area with the intent of putting that same little ball into a hole and marking down how many strokes/shots/strikes/swipes or whatever you took doing that………… aaah yes say the skeptics, that about covers it plus a whole lot of ‘other’ knowledgeable comments on the way!!!!

Breath deeply, step back a step or two, and take note………

This is probably one of the most rewarding of endeavors one can take part in – in that it teaches you self control, self adjustment, acceptance and above all allows you control (sometimes) of something as simple as hitting something hard without being arrested and at the same time teaches you humility. Not too many sports can pack that amount of ‘learning’ into a few hours of walking 5 to 7 kilometers / miles chasing a small little ball… correct…… right!!!

Is Playing Golf the Ultimate Love-Hate Relationship?

But to be fair, this is one, if not the only game that one can play, either on your own or with one to three other people, where you do not really compete with the other players – you compete with yourself – you try to play the best game YOU can and hopefully it is better than the other guy/girl has played against themselves.

In this sometimes infuriating game, it is how you handle the stresses.

To hit that (swear/swear) little ball in the direction you want it to go, as far as you would like it to go and then be able to hit another ‘shot’ at some flat piece of grass called a green (?????? Hello) and then play/putt it into that hole placed in some ridiculous placed position…. OK, OK now calm down…….. sigh, breath, breath……. !!!

These sound like all the ‘normal’ things people say about golf and 95% of the time, tongue in cheek. Well, is it really fair? NO not really.

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