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Do you suffer from golfers elbow - Here's the cure!

Do you suffer from golfers elbow – Here’s the cure!

Do you suffer from golfers elbow – Here’s the cure!

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Golfers’ elbow can be a condition and, if not treated correctly, can cause the golfer to quit golf completely!  

Reasons for this are either overuse like hitting balls too long on the range or incorrect technique.  If your golf swing is putting unnecessary strain on your elbow due to poor mechanics, consult a golf professional and help change your technique to reduce the elbow tension.

Do you suffer from golfers elbow - Here's the cure!


A lot of people consider golf as a low-level physical activity.

You hit a stationary object with the use of a club, walk a few meters, and hit it again until it enters the hole. Golf may seem like an easy game to play but many young players often suffer from injury due to overuse and lack proper technique.

Leading the list of injuries is golfers elbow. It causes pain on the inner side of the elbow and extends to the forearm. Pain and discomfort in the elbow is enough to prevent a golfer from playing the game he loves the most. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to prevent golfer’s elbow. Here are some of them.

Strengthen your forearm muscles

Simple exercises can help you strengthen your forearm muscles and allow the muscles to better absorb the energy of a sudden physical activity. Wrist curls is one of them. Use a light-weight dumbbell and place your hands in front of you. Lower the weight to the end of your fingers and curl up your wrist to lift the dumbbell. Be sure to limit the motion to your forearm. Do this for 10 repetitions per arm.

Squeezing a tennis ball is a simple, yet effective exercise that can help strengthen your forearm muscles. Simply squeeze an old tennis ball for 5 minutes at a time to strengthen and condition the muscles of the forearm and wrist.

Check out the other 2 remedies right here!

Source: Amber Irwin  Golfers Jewels

Pictures: Golfers Jewels   Ryan Hyde   Camron Flanders

Thanks for reading – Do you suffer from golfers elbow – Here’s the cure!

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