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Thanking God on TV for your win - Is this Cool or Not?

Thanking God on TV for your win – Is this Cool or Not?

Thanking God on TV for your win – Is this Cool or Not?

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Many professional athletes, from boxers to golfers, give thanks to God during interviews after their wins.

The most recent example of this was in Zach Johnson’s emotional speech following the 2015 British Open. Johnson said he felt patience, he had “some scripture going in his head,” and he thanked the Lord, plus family and friends.

But this is not a new practice as many believe it to be. In 1953, just after the incredible Ben Hogan won the US Open, he was interviewed in USGA Journal and Turf Management magazine. He credited his wife Valerie and added, “But there’s something else I’m thankful for… you just can’t do this sort of thing without God’s help.”

Thanking God on TV for your win - Is this Cool or Not?

Troops praying for victory. Does God favor one person over another?

I’ve always respected people’s rights to their individual faiths, but I’ve been uncomfortable when winners give full credit to God. Does that mean that God made the opponent lose? My wife disagrees with me and says that God merely provides an inner peace that allows them to sometimes perform at an optimum level when believers seek God’s help. She says God doesn’t take sides in a contest.

Do you think referencing your faith is good, or do you agree with UFC President Dana White, who says, “Love Jesus all you want, you just don’t have to do it publicly?” 

(UFC is Ultimate Fighting Championship)

Source: Mel Sole

Pictures: Connor Tarter

Thanks for reading – Thanking God on TV for your win – Is this Cool or Not?

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