As a youth at Lilleshall, I marveled at the small shed of a pro shop run by PGA professional, Gwyllam Hardiman and his two assistants, Shaun Ball and Kevin Short. It stocked everything you could possibly want. A fine selection of clubs, balls, bags, shoes, shirts and accessories were put into a tiny space. The back of the shed was reserved for club repairs, re-gripping, re-shafting and refurbishing. Take in your favorite persimmon driver and whatever was wrong with it would soon be fixed quickly and professionally.

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“People Who Know Buy from Their Club Professional.”

I was standing in the pro shop where, as a young teen, I often hung around between rounds.  An elderly man came in and started to look at the golf clubs. Gwyllam enthusiastically greeted the man and asked if he could help. The man had just taken up the game a couple of weeks earlier and wanted to buy a set of brand new Ping golf clubs. At that time, Ping clubs were in great demand in England and were comparatively expensive.

In response to Gwyllam’s question as to why he wanted Pings, the customer said he had been told they were the best. Gwyl agreed that they were very good clubs.  But said that, since the customer had just taken up the game, it would make little difference what clubs he used initially. Instead of buying a new set, Gwyl suggested he start with a used set.  Take some lessons and play a few times to make sure he was going to enjoy the game. Then, when he had improved to the point that he could benefit from top-of-the-range clubs, he should come back and see him. In this way he would not waste money on clubs he might never use.

“People Who Know Buy from Their Club Professional.”

I sat there hardly able to believe my ears as Gwyl successfully talked a customer out of spending several hundred pounds. The customer eventually left with a set of used Wilson clubs, for which he paid a fraction of what a new set cost. At best, Gwyl made £25 pounds on the deal. I couldn’t wait for an opportunity to ask him why he had done such a thing.

Gwyl said, “That man will buy more golf equipment in this shop in the next twelve months than any other three members.” He was almost right, the guy bought more than ten other members!

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