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9 Worst Putters on the PGA Tour right now - #2 is pretty bad!

9 Worst Putters on the PGA Tour right now – #2 is pretty bad!

9 Worst Putters on the PGA Tour right now – #2 is pretty bad!

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If this list was compiled while I was playing on the Sunshine Tour in South Africa, I would definitely have been on this list.  

I had my fair share of problems with the flat stick.  So I know first hand what it feels like to hit 15 or 16 greens in regulation and walk off with an over-par round.  Not Pretty!

This list, compiled by Swing and  DEREK CLEMENTS, brings us the current group of the worst putters on the PGA Tour. Players who would be in the winners circle more often if they could putt!

Watch any tournament and the winners all have something in common – they hole putts from all over the place. It’s the nature of the beast. There are so many superb players on tour these days that you just have to be able to putt well to have any chance of winning. But there are, and have been, some notable exceptions. Recently we gave you the 10 Greatest Putters Ever. Well, since there are a lot more “bad” putters in the world, we figured this time around we’d give you 10 of the worst exponents of the short stick – and there are some VERY well known names on this list.

9. Boo Weekley 

9 Worst Putters on the PGA Tour right now - #2 is pretty bad!

Boo is a former Ryder Cup player. Nobody who saw it will ever forget Booster riding his driver down the first fairway at the 2008 Ryder Cup. What many of us will not remember was the putts he missed. Boo hits an awful lot of top quality golf shots and should have won far more often than he has – and it is the short stick that has prevented him from landing a load more titles. His biggest problem is that he is very aggressive on the greens and leaves himself with too many three-feet putts after racing the ball by. One day, maybe, he will get the message.

8. Omar Uresti.

9 Worst Putters on the PGA Tour right now - #2 is pretty bad!

 (Photo by Montana Pritchard/PGA of America via Getty Images)

During his time on the PGA Tour, Uresti hit more than 71% of fairways from the tee. If you look at the averages, you will quickly conclude that 71% is a pretty impressive stat. The 46-year-old hit more than his fair share of greens in regulation too.

But he has never won a tournament and had to go back to the qualifying school several times. And the reason for that? The Texan’s putting stats were right up there with Durant’s. These guys practice – a lot. But if you haven’t got it, you just haven’t got it.


9 Worst Putters on the PGA Tour right now – #2 is pretty bad!

7. Joe Durant

9 Worst Putters on the PGA Tour right now - #2 is pretty bad!

 (Photo by Michael Cohen/Getty Images)

For many years, Joe Durant was officially the worst putter on the PGA Tour. In fact, for 10 years he was the worst. The stats don’t lie. Since 2004, Durant has putted worse than any other player on the PGA Tour, averaging .644 strokes gained putting.

Despite his suffering on the greens, he somehow managed to win four times, including two victories in 2011.

Later in his career, his putting stats did finally begin to improve, but by that time the rest of his game had become too ragged for it to make a difference. He turned 50 in April and is now playing on the Champions Tour where, all of a sudden, he has a putting stroke that looks like one of the best in the business – but that is only when compared with his aged 50-plus rivals.

6. Billy Mayfair.9 Worst Putters on the PGA Tour right now - #2 is pretty bad!

Mayfair once went to Butch Harmon and Dave Peltz, two of the top coaches on the planet, and told them he wanted to change his putting stroke.

Peltz asked him why and Mayfair replied that everybody kept telling him that although his practice stroke was perfect, when it came to hitting the ball he took the putter way outside the line and cut across the ball. Peltz asked him if he was happy with the amount of tournaments he was winning and the percentage of putts he was holing and when Mayfair replied that he was, Peltz told him to go home and forget about making any changes.

But the thing is that it was in his mind. And, sure enough, he started missing short putts. When it gets in your head, you are finished. Mayfair is now using a long putter. Poor boy.

To see the rest of this “Top 10 List, go here!

Source: Swing by Swing   DEREK CLEMENTS

Pictures: Swing by Swing

Thanks for reading – 9 Worst Putters on the PGA Tour right now – #2 is pretty bad!

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