7 Ways to Introduce your Kids to this Great Game of Golf!


                    My father introduced me to the game of golf when I was 16.  I had played a lot of sports at school and when he joined a local Country Club, I went along to go to the pool.  No intentions of playing golf.  But this club allowed juniors to play after all the members had teed off.  So my cousin and I went out to play.  I had no idea how to hold or swing the golf club, but being a fairly good athlete, I managed to par the first 3 holes I played!  That was all I needed.  I was hooked.  The fact that I then proceeded to make 6’s and 7’s the rest of the 9 did not matter.  I was going to play this great game of golf!  of Golf Digest brings you 7 ways to introduce your kids to the game in a way that they will be asking “When can we go and play golf again?”  We need to grow this game through our kids.  Get them involved in a group lesson program, enter them in some fun three hole tournaments, and they will not only learn to love the game, but learn some life lessons along the way!

Introduce your kids to the game without losing your mind (or your club membership)


Pick the right hours

I probably don’t need to tell you this, but this is not a Sunday morning at 8 a.m. activity. Or at least not if you plan to go to a golf course that includes other humans. (If you happen to have your own private golf course at your disposal, I encourage you to do what you want. I also have reason to believe you and I can become best friends. I’ll follow up). Restricting family golf time to evening hours is not only advised out of consideration for your fellow golfers, but also for your own sanity. Trust me, there’s nothing fun about watching your kid hit eight consecutive shots in the bunker while some crankasaurus stands with his hands on his hips in the fairway. I’m a firm believer that kids need to have a general respect for pace of play even at a young age, but you’re setting yourself up for disaster if you don’t allow for the occasional delay.

Let them get excited about new stuff

Look, I spend as much time as any parent trying to push against my kids’ fixation with material possessions. It’s a problem, particularly on an editor’s salary. But face it, part of the fun of golf for kids is all the stuff that comes with it. I’m not advocating you buy them a brand new set of Callaways. But even the littlest things make a difference — ball markers, tees, the occasional sleeve of balls. This should get you through the first month or so of their golf careers. Then they’ll see their first Nike commercial and you’re screwed.

Embrace the golf cart

This is another one of those philosophical compromises you need to make when it comes to golf with kids. As a golfer, you may be a devout walker because you feel like that’s the way the game should be played and because you welcome the exercise. But a golf cart to kids is like an amusement ride. It’s fun, it’s conducive for some meaningful exchanges every now and then, and it cuts into the fatigue factor that is inevitable when you’re hoofing it carrying your own bag. I’m not saying you should take a cart every time you play with your kids. But this is one area where your inner golf snob needs to keep his trap shut.
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