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2 Songs Commemorate this week's Solheim Cup - Let's dance!

2 Songs Commemorate this week’s Solheim Cup – Let’s dance!

2 Songs Commemorate this week’s Solheim Cup – Let’s dance!

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Getting amped up for the Solheim Cup?  This will be an exciting week.  

All golfers can learn a lot from how these ladies play.  Watch their focus, watch their determination, and watch their great tempo in the way they swing the club.  Amateur golfers can learn a lot just watching these LPGA stars compete!  To get you in the mood,   of  Golf Digest has come up with some really great videos.  Doesn’t matter which team you support; we have one for both of you!  Enjoy!

OK readers, this one is just for fun. A Swedish group has put together a very catchy tune for the Solheim Cup, and the accompanying video shows why we all love this tournament.

I must admit, when I heard that a Swedish pop group had created a song to commemorate this week’s Solheim Cup in Germany, I thought of one thing: Ace of Base.

When I was a sixth-grader, Ace of Base was all the rage. I must have almost worn out my cassette tape of their big album listening to “The Sign” so many times.

Hmm. It might be time to take a little trip to iTunes. . . sorry, getting carried away.

Anyway, there’s a new song, “Unforgettable,” about the Solheim Cup and it’s not by Ace of Base, but rather a group called Trinity. And if you’re a big fan of the biennial event — especially on the European side — watching the music video should get you pretty pumped up about this week.

And a reminder: If you’re looking for a Solheim Cup song with more of a patriotic vibe, there’s Tiffany Joh’s “Solheim Cup”:

Game on!

Source:     Golf Digest

Picture: Keith Allison

Thanks for reading/watching 2 Songs Commemorate this week’s Solheim Cup – Let’s dance!

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