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For fewer 3 putts pay attention when you miss the hole!

For fewer 3 putts pay attention when you miss the hole!

For fewer 3 putts, pay attention when you miss the hole!

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Every golfer on the planet hates three-putting.  

To have fewer 3 putts, you have to develop a great feel to stop the ball close to the hole for a tap in. Many articles have been written on this subject.  Dave Pelz gives us another way to avoid this dreaded malady.  Pay close attention to the line of the ball AFTER it has rolled past the hole.  This gives you valuable information you are going to use on your return putt.  Check this out.

Improving your game is a hard-fought process.

As a lifelong golfer still in search of playing his very best, I can assure you that breakthroughs rarely happen overnight. That’s why I’m taking a different approach with this month’s column. Instead of instructing you how to pull off a certain shot or execute a particular swing move, I’m offering one of my best pieces of strategic advice.

This tip won’t turn you into a 300-yard bomber or help you knock down the pin. What it will do is dramatically improve your scores without making you expend the time and effort that long-term fixes demand. In fact, you won’t even have to practice it. All you have to do is watch your missed putts roll to a complete stop. How simple is that?

I can hear the naysayers: “Pelz, shouldn’t you tell me how to make putts, not watch the ones I miss?”

Hey, even pros miss more putts than they make. Watching the rollout on your misses—until your ball completes its final revolution—arms you with information that instantly helps you cut down on three-putting.

Most golfers don’t realize that the path the ball takes beyond the hole after a miss (what I call the “through-roll”) mirrors the path it will take on your comeback putt. By watching how the putt moves past the hole, you’ll know exactly how it will break coming back. There’s no guessing and no second thoughts. When you roll the second putt, simply retrace the through-roll from your first putt.


To see what Dave Pelz is doing with this jug of water, go here!

Source :   Dave Pelz

Pictures : Leonard Kamsler    pierpeter

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