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Should the FedEx Cup End Before the Start of Football?

Should the FedEx Cup End Before the Start of Football?

Should the FedEx Cup End Before the Start of Football?

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I really enjoy the last 4 tournaments of the year on the PGA Tour.  

The FedEx Cup Playoff brings a little more excitement to the year-end PGA Tour season.  However, a ton of golf fans are also football fans, and I asked several of my golfing buddies the question, “Which game would you watch on the weekend, playoffs or NFL?  The overwhelming answer?  NFL.  I think it is time for Tim Finchem and the PGA Tour to rethink the playoff time frame.  I think Jason Sobel, Senior Golf Writer for ESPN, agrees with me!  Check this out!


The FedEx Cup will be awarded on September 27, three weeks into the football season. Ending the golf season before football begins could have a major impact on golf’s playoffs. Chris Condon/PGA TOUR

LAKE FOREST, Ill. — You have a fantasy football team. Make that two. OK, more than two, but we’ll leave it at that. No need to reveal all your secrets.

I’ll bet you’re also in that weekly office pool again. Oh, and the survivor pool, of course. Squares pool, too. And sure, nobody can blame you for picking a few DFS teams after those incessant commercials finally talked you into it.

After all, it’s football season. Like any red-blooded American, your life is only complete with the requisite leagues and teams and pools. So, have at it.

All of which leads me to one semi-related question: What do you think of the current state of these FedEx Cup playoffs?

Yep, that’s right — they’re still going on.

Eleven months after the race for the $10 million first prize began, there remain two scheduled events until a champion is crowned — this week’s BMW Championship and next week’s Tour Championship. This isn’t some quirk of this specific calendar. It’s just how the season is set up. Begin in October, end in September, begin again in October. Consider it golf’s version of Groundhog Day, without the everyman hilarity of Bill Murray.

Check that: Murray is included, too, competing in this Wednesday’s pro-am. So it’s exactly like Groundhog Day.

Don’t get me wrong. This isn’t one of those “Death to the FedEx Cup” columns. Do an Internet search and you’ll find plenty of scorching-hot takes on how this system isn’t as important as any major (that was never its intention), is too volatile (that’s the nature of any playoffs) and its competitors don’t care (simply untrue). That’s not the takeaway here.

Should the FedEx Cup End Before the Start of Football?

Save for a few needed tweaks, I really like the FedEx Cup.

It provides a conclusion to golf’s interminable season that didn’t previously exist. The first two playoff events have been terrific theater with Jason Day and Rickie Fowler — two of the game’s emerging young superstars — winning the titles.

People who complain about the concept often conveniently forget facts like this: Back in 2006, the final year before the FedEx Cup, the Tour Championship was held in November and the game’s two biggest stars, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, didn’t play because, well, they didn’t feel like it.

Hey, you can’t blame ’em. That’s football season.

Should the FedEx Cup End Before the Start of Football?

Rickie Fowler (pictured) and Jason Day got the playoffs off to a great start with thrilling wins by two of golf’s greatest current talents. But with football underway, how many will see the last two FedEx Cup tournaments of the season? Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images

Which leads back to my original point — and the one major tweak still necessary to fix the playoffs:

They need to end before the football season starts.

Right now, the four-event series too often resembles an inverted pyramid, with the opener garnering the most mass attention pre-football, followed by the next three in chronological order, though not order of importance.

It all dates back to a rare miscalculation from PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem, who theorized nearly a decade ago that the playoffs would coexist in football’s domain without any real issues.

“This is not just an event that’s scheduled out there as an island into football,” he said at the time. “This is a series of events that starts before football, runs two weeks pre-NFL, runs two weeks into NFL, is all tied together. … I think it’s like a growing tide during the course of the year; it will carry us in and have really solid ratings. 

The real head-scratcher is there is a fairly simple solution to this problem.

To see Jason Sobel’s suggestions on how to improve the FedEx Cup Playoff, go here!

Source:  ESPN  Jason Sobel, Senior Golf Writer

Pictures: Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images   Chris Condon/PGA TOUR   Steve Burns

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