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Can You Imagine Feherty announcing Olympic Golf?

Can You Imagine Feherty announcing Olympic Golf?

Can You Imagine Feherty announcing Olympic Golf?

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Personally, I can’t wait. David Feherty is not only the funniest man in golf, but he is also an excellent analyst of tour golf.

Feherty’s new move to NBC Sports has him calling the golf events in Rio de Janeiro at next summers’ Olympics. (His popular interview program “Feherty’ will continue on the Golf Channel)

Even as he was being interviewed about this big announcement, Commentating on Olympic Golf, Feherty joked about failing Olympic drug testing with his psych meds and divulged that his grandfather competed in the 1908 Olympics.

Can You Imagine Feherty announcing Olympic Golf?

David Feherty’s deal with NBC, which begins next year, will let him expand beyond reporting from along fairways and behind greens. Credit Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Golf announcers do not often defect from one network to another, so David Feherty’s move from CBS Sports to NBC and Golf Channel is unusual.

Jim McKay made a move from CBS more than a half-century ago to join Roone Arledge’s fledgling ABC Sports. Steve Melnyk also left CBS for ABC in the early 1990s. More recently, Ian Baker-Finch made the reverse move, departing ESPN and ABC for CBS.

An on-course reporter for 19 years at CBS, Feherty is known for his Irish accent and off-kilter approach to golf commentary, as well as for speaking candidly about his depression and alcoholism.

“I’m nervous about this, and I’m hoping they don’t drug-test announcers, because I would fail on several counts with the psych meds that I have to take, especially at the Olympics,” he said Tuesday during a conference call. “I think I’m probably doomed if they do that there.”

David Feherty is the host of a new show on the Golf Channel. On Par: 30 Seconds With David Feherty.

Soon after announcing the deal, he wrote on Twitter: “After 19 great years at CBS today I’ve signed a new deal with @GolfChannel and @NBCSports. Which one of them will fire me first?”

He has been familiar to Golf Channel viewers through his interview program, “Feherty,” which is in its fifth season as one of the network’s most popular prime-time shows. CBS had no problem sharing him with Golf Channel but chose not to pay him what he wanted to stay on its golf schedule.

NBC saw a chance to pick up a star commentator to add to an announcing corps that features Johnny Miller and includes Roger Maltbie and Gary Koch, who are reducing their workload.

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Source : New York Times   

Pictures: Sam Greenwood/Getty Images   Secret in the Dirt

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