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Suzann Pettersen Apologises for not conceding!

Suzann Pettersen Apologises for not conceding!

Suzann Pettersen Apologises for not conceding!

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The USA won the 2015 Solheim Cup with a historic comeback.

It arose in part by the hot-button moment where Alison Lee thought her putt was given! As most of you now know, Alison was left with an 18-inch putt on the 17th hole, and when she saw opponents Charley Hull and Suzann Pettersen turn their backs and walk away, she picked up the putt. Pettersen quickly said that they did not concede the putt, and in the ensuing brouhaha, the USA lost the hole and that particular match.

Pettersen was technically correct but exhibited poor sportsmanship.

It took until the following day for Pettersen to reflect and offer a heartfelt apology where she said that she got lost in the heat of the battle, etc. What else did she say in what I feel is the best-worded apology I’ve ever heard of, in any sport?

Thanks to Andy Zunz‘s touching article at

 Suzann Pettersen apologizes for her part in the Solheim Cup controversy

Suzann Pettersen, shown at the 2015 Solheim Cup

Suzann Pettersen, shown at the 2015 Solheim Cup ( Getty Images )

Pettersen had a change of heart Monday morning, apologizing for her actions at the 2015 Solheim Cup that sparked a controversy and may have fueled a historic U.S. comeback victory.

The 34-year-old Norwegian was the key figure in an event during four-balls Sunday morning that left players from both sides in tears and many professional golfers critical of what was seen as an act of poor sportsmanship. Pettersen and European teammate Charley Hull strode away while American Alison Lee was left with an 18-inch putt to halve the hole at Golf Club St. Leon-Rot’s 17th green. Lee did pick up her ball, saying later that she heard someone say that the putt was good. But Pettersen made it clear to the rules official that it was not, resulting in a loss of the hole for the U.S. and an eventual loss of the match.

Pettersen posted an apology to her Instagram account Monday morning. Here is a sample of the post:

“I’ve never felt more gutted and truly sad about what went down Sunday on the 17th at the Solheim Cup. The big picture got lost in the heat of the moment and I am so sorry. I was trying my hardest for my team and put the single match and the point we could earn ahead of sportsmanship and the game of golf itself! I feel like I let my team down and I am sorry.

“In time I hope the U.S. team will forgive me and know that I have learned a valuable lesson about what is truly important in this great game of golf which has given me so much in my life.”

Pettersen did not apologise after the match, saying: “With the putt she had left, I would still like to see it. If she had the putt to win the cup, I would still like to see it.”

To have a complete look at Suzann’s apology on Instagram, go here!

Source: GOLFWEEK    Andy Zunz

Pictures: Keith Allison

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