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17 Best Golfer Nicknames Ever - Who is Chucky Three Sticks?

17 Best Golfer Nicknames Ever – Who is Chucky Three Sticks?

17 Best Golfer Nicknames Ever – Who is Chucky Three Sticks?

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Golf, by its very nature, invites teasing and humorous name-calling.

It is incredibly easy to look like a fool . . . check out “Aquaman” Woody Austin, for example. And it is also easy to pick up a nickname for something one does well, for example . . . “Boom Boom” Freddy Couples.

Some of these nicknames you will be very familiar with, and I think some will surprise you.

Who the heck is “Chucky 3 Sticks”? And I was impressed by the reason that golfer no. 11 got his nickname. Who knew that famous player would be mysterious?

See all 17 monikers provided by  of  About Sports

What are the best nicknames of pro golfers in the history of the game? We’ve come up a list of 17 of our favorites. Some of them you’ll instantly recognize, others might be new to you. But all of them are fun (for fans, at least). We start here with the golfer known as Aquaman; nicknames on the following pages are listed alphabetically. (When you’re finished reading, check out The Big List of Golfer Nicknames for dozens and dozens more.)

17 Best Golfer Nicknames Ever - Who is Chucky Three Sticks?

Woody ‘Aquaman’ Austin goes face-first into the water at the 2007 Presidents Cup

Woody Austin is Aquaman

Golfers typically get their nicknames early in their careers. It’s unusual for a nickname to show up late in one’s career and stick, or become well-known.

But Woody Austin was 43 years old when he got tagged as “Aquaman.” Prior to the 2007 Presidents Cup, Austin was best-known as a journeyman PGA Tour pro with a terrible temper – he occasionally did things like slam a putter shaft over his head, bending the shaft in anger.

But in 2007 he had a terrific season and made the United States Presidents Cupteam. On Day 2, Austin was paired with David Toms in a fourball match against Rory Sabbatini and Trevor Immelman. Austin drove into a water hazard on the 14th hole, but decided to try to play the ball out of the water. He was standing on a steep bank, just inside the water, and when he swung his momentum took him backward. His balance lost, Austin face-planted right into the pond.

The next day, during his singles match, Austin put on a scuba mask as he walked up that 14th hole. “Aquaman” was born.

17 Best Golfer Nicknames Ever - Who is Chucky Three Sticks?

Brittany Lincicome is ‘Bam Bam.’

“Bam Bam” is Brittany Lincicome. And “Bamm Bamm” is the name of a Flintstones character famous for swinging his club with great strength. Coincidence? Doubtful!

Lincicome remembers being given the “Bam Bam” name by either Kristy McPherson or Angela Stanford in her rookie LPGA Tour season of 2005. Whichever of the two came up with it, the name stuck and Lincicome has had that name ever since.

Because Lincicome swings a very big stick, too, knocking drives well past almost every other LPGA golfer she plays with.

In every year on tour, she’s been one of the longest drivers, or No. 1.

17 Best Golfer Nicknames Ever – Who is Chucky Three Sticks?

17 Best Golfer Nicknames Ever - Who is Chucky Three Sticks?

Lincicome’s nickname is similar to Fred Couples‘ “Boom Boom.”

And Boom Boom could just as easily have made our list. But we prefer Bam Bam: It’s sharper, stronger-sounder to our ear. And it’s just plain fun to say. Go ahead, say it out loud: Bam Bam! See? It’s fun!

Ernie Els gained his nickname – “The Big Easy.”

Early in his professional career (he turned pro in 1989, but gained worldwide fame after winning the 1994 U.S. Open).

And “The Big Easy” is a perfect match of nickname and golfer. The 6-foot-3 Els came on the scene with a sturdy frame and with the ability to hit very long drives as a strapping young man. That’s part one. Part two is that his power was effortless – that swing is so fluid, so …easy. And part three is the easy-going, mellow personality that Els almost always has on display.

The Big Easy also gets extra credit because Els’ nickname was the inspiration for another great golf nickname.

Michelle Wie is called “The Big Wiesy.”

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Source: About Sports

Pictures: Scott Halleran/Getty Images     Dave Martin/Getty Images   Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images   Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

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