What if you could go back to the Majors and change outcomes?

Larry David, creator of Seinfeld and Curb your Enthusiasm, is a very funny man and an avid golfer. Recently, in an interview with Golf Digest magazine, he was asked what he would do if he were the most powerful man in golf. David chose 2 things. The first is that he would retroactively award Roberto DeVicenzo the 1968 Masters. David said “It’s a clerical error. Bob Goalby should have said, No, you take it.” I love that and it led me to think of several Majors where I’d like to tweak the outcome. One that comes to mind quickly is Greg Norman’s story at the 1986 PGA championship and at the 1987 Masters. Norman was looking good for the win each time, but freaky hole-outs from the bunker and sand by Bob Tway and then Larry Mize denied Norman his trophies. I think that to lose two consecutive Majors that way is too heartbreaking for anyone and if I could alter things, I’d have Greg Norman win one of those Majors. What would you like to change in the results of past Major Tournaments? Let me know and you’ll have a chance to win a FREE lesson with me. To enjoy more from the quirky Larry David, see this story from golfdigest:
Southern California golf is ubiquitous in the television series “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” The weather is perfect, but a storm is always brewing when the lead character bumps against the game’s social norms. Whether he’s facing country-club expulsion for not cleaning his locker or exile for precipitating a slow player’s death, the star’s passion for golf never wavers. We invited Larry David and his good friend Bill Scheft (staff writer for David Letterman and the nephew of legendary golf writer Herbert Warren Wind) for a round at Winged Foot. All afternoon, Larry’s lanky strut and creative cursing could be recognized from two fairways over. Here, the co-creator of “Seinfeld” answers questions from Scheft.
EVER PLAYED WITH ANY GUYS FROM THE PGA TOUR? In charity tournaments, I’ve played with Phil Mickelson, Keegan Bradley, Rickie Fowler, among others. Mickelson would describe what club he was going to use, and why. And he was all about what the grass will do. Keegan Bradley hit a tee shot, and I said, “Nice shot.” He looked at me, and I said, “I guess that’s like saying to Willie Mays, ‘Nice catch.'”
WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO IMPROVE YOUR GAME? Golf is the only sport where you can practice every day for six months and not get any better. The swing is unnatural. You can spot a good golfer a mile away. There’s a supreme air of confidence that’s sickening. They have a swagger that just reeks of good golf. They’re immaculate. There’s not a crease. There’s not a stain. You can take a microscope over the outfit, and you will not find a dot. Often there’s a part in the hair. Read the rest of the Larry David interview, and what he would do if he were the Ryder Cup Captain, right here! Source : MSN.com        Golf Digest Pictures : David Shankbone   Daniel Sempértegui

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