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Do you putt to a spot or do you see a line – Both have merits!

Do you putt to a spot or do you see a line – Both have merits!

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Do you putt to a spot or do you see a line


I have used several of David MacKenzie’s articles on mental golf coaching.  

Why?  Because I think he has some interesting and valuable things to say about improving your mental toughness, course management, and visualization.  This article will definitely help you improve your putting whether you putt it to a spot (like me) or someone who sees a line and tries to putt the ball along that line. Check out his website at

Curves vs Straight Lines

Whenever I discuss pre-putt visualization with a new student, they will always have one of two responses.

There are those that see putts in curves (unless it’s a dead straight putt) and there are those that visualize all putts as straight, no matter how much break there is. Neither method is proven to be more effective than the other, but it’s important to think about how you visualize on the greens and here’s why.

Those players who say they see puts in curves are saying that they imagine a line (or curve) on the green that the ball would have to track to get to the hole (like in the image above).

Left vs Right Brain Dominance in Golf

Players who see shots in curves, use more of their right brain than their left brain in the targeting process. In other words, they are more “right brain dominant”.

The right side of the brain uses imagery, more than it does verbal and technical instruction while performing a task.

People who are right brain dominant are generally more artistic, creative and intuitive and need to see visualize concepts to understand them.

However, the other group of players, those who see all putts as straight, are more “left brain dominant”.

The left half of the brain is more logical, analytical, and uses more verbal instruction to explain things.

For left brain dominant players, it’s much cleaner and easier to see putts as straight lines, than it is curves. It makes it more precise, like a architectural drawing vs an artist’s sketch.

For these players, instead of seeing a curved line the ball will take to the hole, they see a different target, or “spot” (an imaginary hole), which is in a straight line from the ball (as in the image above).

A spot putter would putt as if to get the ball to come to rest at that spot (imagining every putt as flat and straight), but let gravity (the slope of the green) take it towards the hole.



To read the rest of this informative article to improve your putting, go here!

Source: Golf State of Mind.

Pictures: pierpeter   Golf State of Mind.

Thanks for reading. Do you putt to a spot or do you see a line – Both have merits!

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