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4 Features that make a great 19th Hole - #2 is a factor for me.

4 Features that make a great 19th Hole – #2 is a factor for me.

4 Features that make a great 19th Hole – #2 is a factor for me.

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Many golfers, especially those in England, Scotland, and Ireland, never pass up the bar after golf.

It is actually considered rude by UK golfers if one doesn’t socialize this way with playing partners after a round.

I must admit, the fact that my USA home course is semi-private and features a bar where I know I’ll see familiar faces means I am likely to stop in after golf. However, if I’m playing a public course without regular playing partners, we sometimes opt just to head home.

What makes a good 19th hole? This article by Greg D’Andrea for highlights the 4 features that will attract golfers to the watering hole following either a good or a poor round.  Celebrate or drown your sorrows here!

4 Features that make a great 19th Hole - #2 is a factor for me.

A nice outdoor dining and drinking area adds to the amount of money a customer will spend!

I’ve played hundreds of different golf courses over the years. Some of them nice, others not so much.

Some of them famous, others just local munis. And yet, despite the vast differences in layout and scenery (or lack thereof), these courses all have the ability to cheer you up after a poor round, provide the backdrop for you to celebrate an ace; or just continue the camaraderie indoors after your round is over.

I’m talking about, of course, that after-round watering hole…where finding the drink doesn’t involve a lost ball or two-stroke penalty: The 19th Hole. But just like the golf courses they’re attached to, not all 19th holes are created equal. Golfers want a place where there’s good beer on tap; decent bar fare; and sports (especially golf) on television.

But what makes a good 19th hole? Well, I’d say the first step is to actually have one, which believe it or not, a couple courses I’ve played failed to do. One place was actually a pretty nice 18-hole course, so I was quite surprised to find the only refreshments on premises were contained in two vending machines in the pro shop. A golf course stands to make a good amount of dough from a 19th hole, so not having one is somewhat of a poor business decision. So for all the courses out there that actually do have a 19th hole, let’s discuss what makes a good one…

4 Features that make a great 19th Hole – #2 is a factor for me.

1. Drinks

4 Features that make a great 19th Hole - #2 is a factor for me.

Let’s talk about beer first. Courses should have a good selection on tap. After all, the 19th hole is first and foremost a bar. And while there are still many folks who love nothing more than to drain a bottle of domestic libation, increasingly people in general (golfers included) are wanting a good selection of imported or craft brew on tap. In this, many 19th holes, at least here in the U.S., fall short.

What about spirits? Again, this is a bar and someone back there needs to know how to mix a drink – especially the classics. Golf is a classic and somewhat sophisticated game – and maybe just sometimes, we golfers need to be treated as sophisticated folks. And while I’m at it, a modest selection of cigars would be a good idea too – even if we have to puff them out on the patio – which leads me to…

2. Ambiance

4 Features that make a great 19th Hole - #2 is a factor for me.

A patio is definitely a plus – preferably looking over the 18th green so you can heckle your pals putting-out in the group behind you. But with or without a patio, ambiance is kind of important. Golfers like to relax in a little bit of class. Too many 19th holes look like a crappy diner inside. This may not bother everyone, but to me, you should put as much thought and care into the bar as you do the fairways and greens. A nice-looking 19th hole will bring in more patrons and keep them there longer.

To read the other 2 features that make a great 19th hole, go here!

Source:    Greg D’Andrea

Pictures:  Rama / CC BY-SA 2.0 FR    El Zoid

Thanks for reading 4 Features that make a great 19th Hole – #2 is a factor for me.

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